Under Night In-Birth Community Holds Palette Creation Contest

By on October 26, 2016 at 2:00 pm

Good color palettes are the cornerstones of meaningful visual differentiation between us, and other people who use the same character we do. As players, we usually rely on the company that publishes the game to ensure that the colors provided are good colors. Occasionally, those games will allow us to edit our own colors, like Street Fighter X Tekken or King of Fighters XIII did, but it happens so rarely.

In today’s PC age, players are more likely to be able to themselves edit the game’s files and create their own palettes. That’s what Under Night In-Birth player RisforRowanism set out to do, and ended up with an online palette editing tool. Using this tool, players can create custom palettes for themselves, download the file for the palette they made, and then upload that file into their own Steam copy of UNIEL.

Currently, there is a community contest going on using the above tool. The contest is seeing fans submit their palettes, with the 12 best palettes being compressed into a community mod and given out for free. These colors will access hidden palette slots in the game, meaning that these colors will be usable in addition to the game’s existing 20 for each character. Below┬áis a small sample of some of the colors being created so far.

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If you are interested in submitting palettes or voting on palettes, follow this link for the contest instructions.

Source: RisforRowanism

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