Razer Raiju Controller for PlayStation 4 Announced, More Details Coming soon

By on October 26, 2016 at 1:00 pm

Good news for pad players looking for new options to try: Razer has announced that they are entering the controller market on Sony’s platform.

Their first pro controller, called the Razer Raiju, is billed for the PlayStation 4 and listed as coming soon. While details are vague at this point, we can tell by the images featured on the controller’s landing page that it features a lot of room for customization.


The front of the controller looks like a run-of-the-mill PS4 pad until you get to the bottom, which features audio controls for headset connectivity. While this in itself is irrelevant to chatting in Street Fighter V (which does not feature the function), it could also be used to play in-game audio via the controller to keep from annoying roommates or family during late night sessions. [Likely too that the controller’s audio control functions might be useful within PSN’s Party chat. – Editor]


The back is where most of the questions lie. The controller features 3 buttons on the shoulder, and two on the bottom near the assumed silicone grips. Will there be dedicated buttons for L3 and R3 or will all four extra buttons be macro buttons? Further, will the detachable cable suffer the same fate of the Razer sticks that came before it? Will the fact that there is a detachable USB cable denote that this controller is connected via bluetooth, or will it be a dedicated wired controller?

More on this controller will come as Razer releases details.

Source: Alex Jebailey (Twitter)

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