SSFC2016 Brings More Arcade Action with Fighters History Dynamite, Kenju Tournaments

By on October 21, 2016 at 6:00 pm

SSFC2016, Mikado’s multi-game tournament series, continues! Just like last time, Mikado is showing off more 2D footsie-based action, and unreleased curiosities.

If you look through Data East’s back catalog, you’ll find quite a few odd fighting gems. The best known of these, perhaps, is Fighter’s History, a fighting game series that ties in to Data East’s peculiar mascot, Karnov. Fighter’s History Dynamite is the much-improved sequel of the series, and you can learn a little more about it’s mechanics on SRK’s Wiki.

As before with “FORCE FIVE,” “Kenju” is a cancelled fighter for Sammy’s Atomiswave. The 2005 project looks a little more rough around the edges mechanically then the previous Sammy entry, but seeing Japanese players spar in uncharted territory is always a treat. Kenju appears to have been aiming for the anime market, as evidenced by heavy air dash based movement and chain combo system. [We also featured Kenju in a previous article. – Editor]

As always, you can follow along Mikado’s upload schedule on YouTube, or try to catch them live on their UStream.

Source: Mikado

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