Nanase Searches for Her Sister, and Hayate is the Son of a Legendary Swordsman: More Street Fighter EX Character Profiles from the CFN Portal

By on October 21, 2016 at 3:00 pm

As we’ve been reporting, the CFN Portal site has been frequently uploading character profiles of the Street Fighter EX characters, courtesy of the research found in the Shadaloo Activity Reports. With the entirely of the original EX1 cast covered, it’s time to move on to the first characters that debuted in EX2, starting with the third “Sibling of Destiny,” Nanase! As always, NIN returns to provide his insight–as a “Senior Officer of Shadaloo”–to Private Nakagawa in profiling these characters.

Private Nakagawa: The younger sister of the heir of Mizukami style ancient martial arts, Hokuto. She doesn’t only use ancient martial arts, but an amazing staff that can lengthen itself.


Basic Info:

Name: Nanase
Height: 165 cm
Weight: 54 kg
Blood Type: 0
Birthday: February 19th
Country of Origin: Japan
Likes: Anmitsu, Hokuto
Dislikes: Seiza [“The classic Japanese kneeling position”]

Private Nakagawa: The true sister of Kairi. Nanase doesn’t remember her brother, and is searching for her sister Hokuto, who mysteriously disappeared. She has a merry, bright and cheerful personality. Even today, we have a comment from our Senior colleague:

NIN: The collision detection of that elastic staff proved to be quite the technical problem. I struggled with the attack direction of her Kasumioroshi, [“Misty Gust from the Mountains”] too. I liked the way in which she could pierce two opponents at once with her staff in EX3.

Next, we have the son of the legendary Orochi-slaying swordsman, Hayate!

Private Nakagawa: The young man armed with a sword who hails from Kukonochi village. His father was a legendary swordsman who rid the village of the Orochi all by himself. A swordsman is an unusual character for Street Fighter.


Basic Info:

Name: Hayate
Height: 177cm
Weight: 76kg
Blood type: B
Birthday: April 5th
Home Country: Japan
Likes: Dried persimmons
Dislikes: Evil spirits

Private Nakagawa: He makes a living getting rid of mystic calamities and evil spirits. Clad in an ominous pale wave of a bluish white hadō he continues to fight every day in order to defeat the demonic people.

NIN: During development, his “Tsumuji Kagerō-Kyoku” [“Heat Haze Vortex Climax”] was called “UFO!” Since then, it is no longer seen as only a UFO, there had been a time when we couldn’t stop laughing as the system gradually came together.


That wraps up another pair of EX CFN Character Profiles. If this still hasn’t quenched your thirst for EX knowledge, you can learn about the dark pasts of Nanase’s siblings, Hokuto and Kairi, here, as well as check out the profiles of the rest of the original EX1 cast here and here. Keep your browser locked right here to Shoryuken, as we continue to bring you more CFN Portal character profiles in the future!

Source: CFN Portal; Special Thanks to Midgardsorm and bakfromon for the translations

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