Xian on Pro Gamers: “I Definitely Think What We Do is Equivalent to Sport”

By on October 11, 2016 at 3:00 pm

Singaporean news channel Channel NewsAsia interviewed RZR|Xian about his rise in the fighting game community, and other topics specifically surrounding his home nation. When asked for his thoughts on Singapore’s esports scene and the way professional players are perceived in his country, here are some things he had to say:

I definitely think what we do is equivalent to sport. We are training just as much as sportspeople train. There is more strategy involved in gaming, and you also need… to maintain focus and concentration, Games could even be harder than sports as you need mental fitness and hard work–with so many things to put into gaming, it should be taken more seriously.

He adds:

If you say talent for gaming, I definitely think Singaporeans have surpassed others (around the world), more so than in any other sports.

I wish the Singapore government would show more support for eSports, because I think our eSports players will definitely win more medals or golds than any sport out there, if we have the chance.

Though there are sure to be arguments on both sides of Xian’s opinion, many fighting gamers could probably agree about the dedication it takes to be a competitive gamer. Though we may not see any Olympic gaming teams in the near future [Editor’s note: Rio’s eGames Showcase was a notable step in that direction], conversations like these can be healthy for the evolution of the competitive gaming community as a whole.

Source: Channel NewsAsia