Screenshot Leaks Susano’o, a Secret BlazBlue: Central Fiction Character

By on October 4, 2016 at 3:32 pm

Earlier today, a mysterious screenshot of BlazBlue: Central Fiction surfaced on Twitter:


The image, which reportedly comes from a console version that broke street date, reveals Susano’o, a yet unrevealed BlazBlue character. It’s known that Terumi and Hakumen wear a Susano’o unit armor, so fans speculate that it’s a fusion of those characters. Susano’o has seven mysterious seals above the Heat bar.

The All-Aksys Twitter account confirmed the existence of the character though there are no more details:

Toshimichi Mori also talked about whether he wants to release BlazBlue: Central Fiction Extend.

We’ll find out more about Susano’o soon, as the console release in Japan is October 6th, November 1st in America, and November 4th in Europe.

Sources: All-Aksys; Garrygawd

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