Player Voting For Smash Summit 3 Opens on October 10th

By on October 4, 2016 at 11:00 am

Another Smash Summit event means another period of fierce campaigning on social media to decide the six other players that will be entering the Summit house, alongside the 10 already invited guests. The player nomination page has officially gone live over on, currently showing off the Twitter bios of 13 players who have put themselves forward to run for the Summit. The Twitter nomination phase goes live on October 10th, with 20 players with the most Twitter nominations going through to the actual voting.

Six players will then be chosen over three rounds of voting, resulting in the final 16 who will go to the Summit House to compete. People can earn free votes through interaction with like attending tournaments or submitting fantasy drafts so get busy if you want to stock up on votes for your favorite player. The Summit has made their criteria to be eligible for nomination much stricter, as a player must be ranked in the top 50 of SSBM rank or have placed in top 8 of either Heir 3, Get On My Level 2016, The Big House 6, Super Smash Con 2016, CEO 2016, or Pound 2016. This means only 53 players are eligible for attending the Summit, with 10 of them already invited to compete.

Expect Twitter wars, ridiculous campaign videos and streams, and some beef between players as people fight tooth and nail to attend Smash Summit 3.


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