Leffen’s United States Visa Approved at Last

By on October 3, 2016 at 12:00 pm
TSM Leffen

Team SoloMid’s William “Leffen” Hjelte has had a long and arduous road to make it back to the United States for competitive play. When we had last reported on this issue, Leffen had announced that he was unable to attend Evolution 2016 due to the processing time involved in receiving a visa to compete in tournaments.

Today, it was announced that his visa application had finally cleared, and his visa has been approved.

Approval doesn’t mean that the visa is in his passport just yet, however. Because of this, Leffen has announced that his attendance of The Big House 6 is still up in the air at this moment.

While this means that he may not be able to attend one of the biggest majors in competitive Smash, it is now certain that the United States will see Leffen back on shore very soon, and should certainly confirm his attendance for Evolution 2017–should Super Smash Bros. Melee once again make the roster.

Source: Smashboards

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