MangaGamer Announces Their Localization of Golden Fantasia CROSS for Steam

By on October 2, 2016 at 11:00 am

While CEOtaku is raging over in Florida, a new anime fighting game is coming to the West thanks to the people over at MangaGamer. Revealed at Anime Weekend Atlanta, MangaGamer are currently localizing Golden Fantasia CROSS for PC, the fighting game based off the light novel mystery series, Umineko When They Cry. Originally developed by 07th Expansion, the localized version will be a port of the enhanced Golden Fantasia CROSS, which was released on PC in 2011 and featured the tweaks and additional characters which were seen added in the 360 exclusive title, Golden Fantasia X.

The unique mechanic of Golden Fantasia is the ‘Touch’ system, which is how players swap between their two characters. Once the Touch Gauge is filled, players can use five different Touches — Attack, Guard, Damage, Assault and Normal — to bring in their partner. Normal Touch is just a hard tag, Attack tags in your partner mid combo to continue the attack, Guard snaps your partner in while blocking, Damage acts as like Burst in Guilty Gear to break a combo and Assault has the player rush at the enemy to clear a space for your incoming team mate. Each character has a special ability which can buff their or their partner’s skills, making partner synergy of the utmost importance. These abilities are triggered either by touching, where the ability of the character being switched out is activated for the other character currently being switched in, or by summoning the ‘Metaworld’. The Metaworld activates both character abilities and gives the player access to special attacks called Meta Supers and SP Supers.

SP Supers use the SP Gauge — which is also used to activate the Metaworld — while Meta Supers drain the Meta Gauge, which appears once a player enters the Metaworld. Only one player can have the Metaworld active at once, with it going away once a player’s Meta Gauge reaches zero. You can cancel your opponent’s Metaworld activation and part of the metagame (excuse the pun) of Golden Fantasia is controlling who has access to this super powered state.

The port of Golden Fantasia does include singleplayer, online and local multiplayer so expect it to possibly feature at CEOtaku 2017, if it has been released by then.

Source: MangaGamer (YouTube)

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