Slice, Shoot, Stab and Stomp on Fellow Fencers in Nidhogg II

By on September 29, 2016 at 2:00 pm

Revealed in a brief teaser ahead of Twitchcon this weekend, the dueling tug-of-war simulator Nidhogg is getting a sequel in 2017. Nidhogg II has duelists now fighting with axes, throwing knives and bows–on top of the standard swords and fists–brutally slaughtering their opponent on as they race to the finish.

The most notable and divisive shift is the change in artstyle, going from the minimalist pixel art of the original, to a much more cartoony and vibrant aesthetic. Gone are the lithe stick figures of the original Nidhogg; instead Nidhogg II has fleshy, bulging fighters which look like the offspring of a Jelly Baby and a Simpsons character. While the character models may not be to everyone’s liking, the new backgrounds and weapons look great, bringing to mind old Amiga platformers which were bursting with color.

We may see more footage of Nidhogg II at Twitchcon, complete with more curb stomps and double KOs, but in the meantime watch the short teaser below.

Source: messhof

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