Watch Japan’s Finest Super Smash Bros. 64 Players Battle it Out in These Replays from Kanto 2016

By on September 28, 2016 at 2:00 pm

Last weekend saw Japan’s best Super Smash Bros. 64 players gather together for their 11th annual 64 tournament, Kanto 2016. While arguably the two best Japanese players, Wario and Jouske, did not enter this year’s competition, this allowed some of the other members of Japan’s elite to get their time on the stage and show their skill at 64.

Alongside the onslaught of puffballs with the multitude of Kirby players and the threat of Wangera’s Jigglypuff in this final bracket, there was some character diversity: with FAUST’s Mario making it all the way to Losers’ Semis, while sekirei made it all the way to Losers’ Quarters with Link, who is deemed as the second worst character on the current 64 tier list. You can catch all of the matches via this special playlist, and you can see Losers, Winners, and Grand Finals below. It is not direct capture unfortunately–it is the recording of a projector screen showing each match–but the quality is still decent.

Source: 64スマブラ

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