Rise of the Secret Society: Urien Day One Roundup for Street Fighter V

By on September 23, 2016 at 5:00 pm

The Illuminati have officially arrived in Street Fighter V, and even though his General Story build has been in-game for a while now, Urien’s promotion to full playability heralds the natural rush of new videos exploring what this power-hungry sadist can dish out. Let’s get started!

Welcome, Mr. Vice President. Your opponents are waiting for you.

Maybe it’s best to warm up with the basics. Here’s VesperArcade’s guide to Urien’s trials:

YouTuber neekogaming offers up this breakdown of practical Urien combos:

Moving on: marlonlonmilk has prepared this video of various frame traps, combos, and resets.

PAN brings us this little guide to some nasty Aegis Reflector applications:

Urien’s Dominant Crush Critical Art appears to have “interesting” properties; here it is comboing off of a throw:

And from his sweep (apparently only works on hard knockdown or normal recovery):

Here’s a combo from GGP|Kazunoko worthy of the Illuminati:

EG|Justin Wong is enjoying his time in the Urien lab as well:

XusesGB has uploaded some video of fLoE taking the Vice President online, and going up against some tough opponents:

Lastly, for those interested in how Urien has changed from the original General Story version to the official release, desk has started to examine and document exactly that.

Oh–and if you prefer Urien’s classic look, make sure to check out the means to select his Street Fighter III costume. Thanks to everyone that sent in tips!

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