PC Version of Street Fighter V Experiencing Issues After the Latest Patch [UPDATED]

By on September 23, 2016 at 10:30 am

With its latest patch, Street Fighter V gains one new character and a host of other additions. However, for some users on PC, it’s also brought about some woes as a new issue is keeping them from playing.

Based on reports from the game’s Steam Community forum, Capcom’s new anti-cheat system has been causing issues for some players trying to launch the game. The issues range from the system asking for Administrator rights whenever the game launches, to Windows not letting the game run at all due supposedly running “unverified” code.

Some users have found some success finding workarounds for the issue; for some, simply adding Street Fighter V as an exception to their antivirus works. Others have reported that launching the game through Steam instead of a desktop shortcut has allowed them to play the game. However, other users have not been as lucky, and are now unable to play Street Fighter V on PC.

Here’s hoping that Capcom addresses this issue soon!

[Editor’s note: we’re receiving tips related to this matter from concerned PC users, regarding a file that arrived in the new update, “Capcom.sys”: it appears in the system32 folder, and is being likened to a “rootkit” due to its full system permissions–presumably to allow the new Street Fighter V anti-crack system to function. We’ll let readers know if we hear more on this aspect of the PC update.]

UPDATE: Capcom is apparently addressing the functional and security issues the update is causing.

Source: Steam Community

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