Next Level Arcade to Host “New Legacy” Street Fighter V Exhibition Ahead of Brooklyn Beatdown

By on September 23, 2016 at 3:30 pm

Brooklyn, New York’s Next Level arcade is partnering with ESL Gaming to host a special Street Fighter V exhibition and side tournament on September 30. The event will serve as a prelude to The Brooklyn Beatdown, a $75,000 tournament being hosted by ESL Gaming at Brooklyn’s Barclay’s Center on Oct. 1.

The Beatdown has attracted a number top SFV contenders to New York, including reigning Capcom Cup champion GGP|Kazunoko, NS|Ludovic, Wolfkrone, Twitch Ambassador Daigo Umehara, and more. But before they face off at the Barclays Center, they’’ll have a chance to show off their stuff at New York’s premier fighting game hub.

New Legacy will consist of six exhibition matches with a first to seven match between GGP|Kazunoko and F3|Alucard serving as the main event. Next Level will also run a side tournament for attendees to get a taste of the competition as well. Check out the scheduled list of matches:

1) Danslip vs. cR|Footwurk – First to 3
2) NS|Ludovic vs. Commander Jesse – First to 3
3) Igotdembombs vs. Circa|LPN – First to 3
4) OG|Shine vs. WOLFKRONE – First to 5
5) PG|RayRay vs. SOA|Brolynho – First to 5
6) GGP|Kazunoko vs. F3|Alucard – First to 7

TeamSp00ky will be streaming the exhibition, and ESL|Zowie, Hyper X, Arozzi and G Fuel will provide prizes for the participants, win or lose. The confirmed commentators for New Legacy are IFC|Yipes and Moons, though you may see some other familiar faces behind the mic. D’Nyce of Fly Nation will serve as the event’s host.


Sources: D’NyceMobstaz

Kevin Webb is a player, writer and tournament organizer based in New York. When’s he’s not working on his set play or out at an event, you can catch him streaming on Twitch, tweeting about comics or throwing games of Dota 2.