Street Fighter EX Characters Unearthed! Get Reacquainted with These Fighters Through Their CFN Portal Profiles

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Back in November 1996, Capcom embarked on a then-unprecedented venture: attempting to bring the Street Fighter series fully into the 3D plane. The result was a title co-produced by both Capcom and Arika–a company founded by Final Fight and Street Fighter II co-designer, Akira Nishitani–that saw series stalwarts like Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, Dhalsim, Sakura, Bison, and Akuma tangling with new original characters designed by Arika (yet co-owned by both companies) such as Doctrine Dark, Skullomania, Pullum Purna, the Cycloids, and Garuda. The gameplay remained in the classic 2D style SF is known for, but featured the characters fully rendered in a 3D environment for the first time, resulting in the 2.5D gameplay that can also be seen in current titles, but with its own unique mechanics like Guard Breaking, Meteor Combos and Super and Special Canceling. Though the series spanned multiple games and updates, none of these characters have been seen again since the final game in the series, Street Fighter EX3, released in 2000 as a PS2 launch title… until now!

The CFN Portal has begun releasing profiles focusing on these both beloved and seemingly long-forgotten fighters, giving fans old and new alike an introduction to their unique personalities and backstories, in addition to bringing them into the current Street Fighter series “canon” due to alterations of their classic biographies. We’ll begin with the first four characters profiled; the Shadaloo Activity Report’s Private Nakagawa will be joined in the descriptions by a senior member of Shadaloo: NIN! [This is the alter-ego of Akira Nishitani, providing personal comments and stories on each of his creations.]

Private Nakagawa: A champion of Indraut! He’s the bodyguard of the rich girl Pullum. He’s the friend to whom Zangief entrusted his C.H.A.I.N.S. chess piece.


Basic Info:

Name: Darun Mister
Height: 209cm
Weight: 168kg
Blood type: A
Birthday: November 19th
Home Country: India
Likes: Fighting against strong unknown opponents, Indra Bashi [“Indra Bridge,” his Command Grab] Dislikes: Weak Youngsters

Private Nakagawa: An Indian hero who, while being abused and swayed by his mistress Pullum, enjoys her travels across the world by fighting strong warriors. He’s friends with Zangief, with whom he has a mutual understanding and respect. They hit it off, and at one time, they formed a tag team for a brief period: the “Ultimate Mateo Tag Team.” And this time, we even have the comments of a senior colleague: NIN!

NIN: I think he has become quite a rather fun character, with all the things that occurred. I have a hunch there was a time in which we thought that his moustache should grow longer after every victory he had, but why didn’t we do that, in the end…?

Next up, the psychopathic killer who seeks to win by any means necessary, Doctrine Dark!

Private Nakagawa: A German-American young man! His eyes are scary! He was Guile’s subordinate, and an excellent soldier. It seems his real name is Holger.


Basic Info:

Name: Doctrine Dark
Height: 177cm
Weight: 71kg
Blood type: A
Birthday: December 3rd
Home Country: USA
Likes: Wires, Knives, Gunpowder
Dislikes: Rolento

Private Nakagawa: He was a brave soldier, with an exceptional sense for battle, and was assigned to a special force with great expectations about his future. However, his unit was exterminated by a nocturnal ambush from Rolento’s enemy troops. He was the sole survivor. He thinks he must win by any means necessary. Now he hates both Rolento and his former superior Guile, and has become a vindictive murder machine burning with revenge. More from our senior colleague:

NIN: His concept was that of a guy who uses any technique to win, no matter how underhanded or foul! His eyes are eerie, aren’t they? He stands out as quite a character so much, I think I’d like to do a spin-off game of him someday!

Keeping the train rolling, we have the “Arabesque” Pullum Purna!

Private Nakagawa: Pullum Purna is a girl from a multi-millionaire Arabian family. Mister Balba works for our Shadaloo♪ He’s developing something for us.


Basic Info:

Name: Pullum Purna
Height: 164 cm
Weight: 49 kg
Blood type: B
Birthday: October 3rd
Home Country: A Certain Middle Eastern Country
Likes: Dance, Songs
Dislikes: Stubborn People, Hard-Headedness

Private Nakagawa: A willful young lady. She brims with curiosity, and loves new things. She’s searching for her father (who’s working at Shadaloo’s base) and travels the world to find him (I said he’s with us, dammit!). It seems she often troubles her attendant Darun. She’s a member of the “Worldwide Young Ladies Club.”

NIN: “I don’t know why, but, in the adjustment sense, I’ve had a hard time with her collision detection. I remember that her Drill Pulse was particularly bad…”

Finally, we close out this portion of profiles with the Monegasque heiress of the Dame family, Blair Dame!

Private Nakagawa: The daughter of the prominently-noted Dame family. She had special education for gifted children, and learned all martial arts. She’s elite!


Basic Info:

Name: Blair Dame
Height: 172 cm
Weight: 65 kg
Blood type: AB
Birthday: June 13th
Home Country: Monaco
Likes: Fashion, Fighting
Dislikes: People without Composure, Poor People

Private Nakagawa: The only daughter of Europe’s greatest foundation. She’s a member of the “Worldwide Young Ladies Club.” She loves pure, genuine fights. Her anxious mother worries much about her, and every time Blair travels, her mom makes a bodyguard and butler follow her. It seems she owns various luxurious villas around the world!

NIN: For some reason, her design was decided from the early days. But she almost didn’t change from that. Maybe because good things are decided this way.

That wraps up the first part of Street Fighter EX profile coverage. Check back soon for more EX character profiles right here on Shoryuken! In the meantime, have a look at the crew of Pirate Ship Higemaru here, or see the concept of Zen brought to life here.

Source: CFN Portal

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