Vanguard Episode 4 Replays, Results And Overall Standings For Red Bull Proving Grounds: Los Angeles

By on September 21, 2016 at 11:00 am

The fourth and last installment of the Vanguard series of Street Fighter V tournaments at the Esports Arena in Santa Ana, CA concluded over the weekend. While it had the fewest entrants to date, Vanguard still had plenty of stiff SoCal competition, with well-known players such as Commander Jesse, Wrathmatics, Iansanity and DS|Stupendous to name a few.

However, the NorCal versus SoCal rivalry was on display once again in grand finals between repeat competitor Rommel “ROM” Macatangay’s surgical Vega and RN|Alex Myers’ relentless Cammy. When all was said and done, Myers gate kept ROM with a solid 3-1 victory to take Vanguard Episode 4.

Even though ROM fell short of taking first place in all three of the four Vanguard installments he has participated in, he did end up being first place overall in the circuit with a total of 750 points and qualifying for the Red Bull Proving Grounds Regional Championship finals in Santa Monica, CA. YP|Filipinoman (600 points) and NYChrisG (525 points) have also qualified for the event; placing second and third respectively overall.

Here are the Vanguard Episode 4 replays along with the top 16 results and overall circuit placings.

Vanguard Episode 4 – Street Fighter V – Top 16 Results

1st: RN|Alex Myers (Cammy)
2nd: ROM (Vega)
3rd: Commander Jesse (Dhalsim)
4th: Charlie (Necalli)
5th: Oliver Queen (Ryu)
5th: Valiant (Ken)
7th: Wrathmatics (Karin)
7th: DS|Stupendous (Zangief)

9th: Arlieth (Vega)
9th: Blockbuster Jon (Ryu)
9th: KO|Chris Nguyen (Ken)
9th: TatsuShoryu (Dhalsim)
13th: DJ Divine (R. Mika)
13th: Iansanity (Chun-Li)
13th: Romfinite (Ken)
13th CookieMonster (???)

Red Bull Proving Grounds: Los Angeles – Street Fighter V – Final Standings

1st: ROM (qualified)
2nd: YP|Filipinoman (qualified)
3rd: NYChrisG (qualified)
4th: Valiant
4th: Wrathmatics
6th: Charlie
7th: RN|Alex Myers
7th: Commander Jesse
9th: DS|Stupendous
10th: Brenttiscool

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