From Hoax to Reality: Zen and Shin are Featured by the CFN Portal

By on September 21, 2016 at 9:00 am

Back in February, shortly before the launch date of Street Fighter V, we reported on rumors that a New Challenger named Zen, from India, would be joining Rashid, Laura and Necalli in Street Fighter V.  Obviously, the final newcomer turned out to be Shadaloo’s Self-Proclaimed “Number 2” F.A.N.G, of the Nguuhao, but–having a bit of fun with this idea–Capcom created and released a piece of concept artwork for this character, detailing what he would look like according to then-current speculation, alongside a design for “Blana,” a female version of Blanka.

However, the minor detail of not being real hasn’t stopped Shadaloo’s information networks from acquiring data on him, as he’s the subject of the next Capcom Fighters Network Portal site profile, alongside his younger brother and manager, Shin–courtesy of the Shadaloo Activity Report and Private Nakagawa! It should be noted, however, that they have been labeled as an “extra,” non-numbered entry, similar to Shadow, Shadow Lady and Don-chan.

Private Nakagawa: An Indian superstar! He can sing, dance and fight: I’m envious! He appears in more than 30 movies per year, apparently.


Basic Info:

Name: Zen
Height: 180cm
Weight: 77kg
Blood type: AB
Birthday: December 27th
Home Country: India
Likes: Movies, Kachumba [An Indian salad] Dislikes: Evildoers, Scoundrels

Private Nakagawa: An Indian actor and fighter. He chastises evildoers using anything he has near himself that’s familiar. He was originally a car salesman. With his sharp dance moves and his sweet smile, he captivates women all around the world. An old friend of Zangief.


Basic Info:

Name: Shin
Height: 199cm
Weight: 142kg
Blood type: A
Birthday: June 19th
Home Country: India
Likes: Movies, Holidays
Dislikes: Brawls, Quarreling

Private Nakagawa: Shin’s younger brother. A former Kushti wrestler. He retired because of a leg injury, but he’s still going strong enough to bring down and kill an angry water buffalo with a single blow, and emerge alive and well. He’s currently the manager of his brother. A sincere and simple man. It is a good brotherly relationship; you are working hard at the three-legged race!

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Source: CFN Portal

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