Smash Summit Returns for Its Third Iteration from November 3rd-6th

By on September 19, 2016 at 4:00 pm

Back for its third installment, the popular Super Smash Bros. Melee invitational Smash Summit is coming back this November. As with the previous editions, Smash Summit has directly invited 10 players to compete within the Summit house, with the community voting for the remaining six players. This results in furious campaigning over Twitter and other social media platforms for those precious votes in this crucible of world-class Melee.

Players get allotted a certain amount of cash at the start of the tournament, which they can wager on specific challenges like low tier battles and team matches, alongside standard best of five sets. There is usually a doubles and a draft crews bracket, as well as your 16-man bracket on the final day. As is now tradition at the Smash Summit, do expect several games of Mafia to be streamed over the course of the weekend, alongside wall to wall games of Melee.

Viewers are guaranteed loads of high-level matches and some great commentary, as people rotate in and out on the commentary couch over the course of the weekend. Campaigning for votes will no doubt begin in the coming months, so make sure to vote for your favorite Melee player if you want to see them in the house.

Source: BeyondTheSummit

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