Evo Now Under New Parent Company, Expect Big News January 2017

By on September 15, 2016 at 9:42 pm
Evo Championship Series

Amidst the Evo Japan news being revealed at the Tokyo Game Show over the past few days, one important aspect of Evo’s future has come to light: going forward, Evo will be operating under a new parent corporation called Triple Perfect Inc. instead of SRKX Productions.

Joey Cuellar and Mark Julio are presently discussing and promoting Evo Japan at the Tokyo Game Show, and the target date of January 2018 has been announced for the first-ever event. A pre-Evo Japan event is planned for sometime in 2017, with details still to be announced in the future as they are finalized. As for Evo Japan itself, the plan is to bring the successful Evo formula from Las Vegas across to Japan–while noting that the Japanese FGC in particular will open up opportunities to feature games that are more popular in Japan as opposed to North America, such as the Virtua Fighter series–but attendees can expect similar vendors and BYOC areas, in addition to possible new novice training/play areas, and new cosplay events.

Mr. Wizard has also teased a big Evo secret that nobody knows yet, to be revealed in January when more Evolution 2017 information is released. It is also the hope to have Evo Japan’s final dates locked down by that time. As Evo continues to expand and engage the fighting game community in North America and Japan, the future of the event–on both sides of the Pacific–looks bright!

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