Arcade Hacker Project Releases CPS2 Desuicide Method to Public

By on September 13, 2016 at 6:00 pm

A few months ago, we reported that the Arcade Hacker Project had successfully reverse engineered the security protocol on Capcom’s CPS2 arcade system. The result of this effort would allow arcade boards that had stopped working to be resurrected by software means, rather than by invasive hardware means that put the board itself at risk of permanent failure.

Several months passed with the team testing their methods to ensure that everything was correct. Finally, today, they have released their method to the general public. While the process requires some additional hardware, including an Arduino Uno board, anyone with dead Super Street Fighter II Turbo or Vampire Savior arcade boards lying around may find the investment well worth it. This could also be extended to people who may be able to find dead boards on the market so that they can get a cheap CPS2 board for their collection.

Please follow the link here to get the instructions and shopping list for the project.

Source: Arcade Hacker Project

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