LCD and UA|Bass Discuss the Current Position of Killer Instinct in the Brand New “State of KI” Podcast

By on September 9, 2016 at 3:00 pm

With Killer Instinct barreling towards the KI World Cup in early 2017, it’s only natural for players to want to pump the brakes for a second in order to take stock of the overall meta of Season 3, and see where the game may be heading. Acting as a way for top players to come together and discuss such issues, LCD has started a brand new podcast titled “State of KI” where he and fellow top level Killer Instinct players come to talk about what they feel is good about the current meta, what could be changed for the better, and their ideas on how to make sure that Killer Instinct does not wane in popularity.

For this first episode, LCD chats to one of Ultra Arcade’s leading lights, Kenneth “Bass” Armas about various issues like the problems with Season 3, how they think Killer Instinct could attract big names from other fighting games, and whether a Season 4 of KI is necessarily needed. The recording is in two parts and it is a little quiet, so pump up the volume and have a listen to what these pros think about the current state of Killer Instinct. With Patch 3.4 on the way in the near future, Killer Instinct is at a pivotal moment as the patch may soothe many of the issues raised in the podcast, or it could further alienate players who have fallen out of love with the game. I hope it is the former.

Source: CrazyLCD

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