Evo Japan, LLC Now a Registered Legal Entity in Japan, Has Huge Media Conglomerate Backing

By on September 6, 2016 at 11:06 pm
Evo Championship Series

Before the Top 8 of Street Fighter V at Evolution 2016, we were treated with the announcement of Evolution Japan. While details have been scarce since then, we were promised more details at Tokyo Game Show.

With Tokyo Game Show looming on the horizon, we were treated to information in the affirmative that Evolution Japan was indeed moving forward swimmingly. 4Gamer, a Japanese gaming publication, released information–translated by Ryan “Fubarduck” Harvey–that Evo Japan, LLC, has been registered as an official legal entity in Japan as of late September. It is a joint venture of SRKX Productions–our parent company and operator of Evolution Championship Series–and three Japanese companies who have split a $1,000,000 stake into the company: Hearts United Group (a subsidiary of Aetas, owners of 4Gamer), Shochiku Broadcasting, and Aetas.  With Hearts United Group owning a 45% stake of the company, and Aetas owning an additional 10%, this makes Aetas majority owner of Evo Japan, LLC.

While this may mean little on the front end of the operation to the competitor planning to travel to the land of the rising sun for the event, what it does mean is that Japanese conglomerates are putting stock in Evolution Championship Series, and are willing to take a chance on striking gold with the tournament’s Japanese presence.

After news broke from 4Gamer, Mark “MarkMan” Julio took to Twitter to announce this was not the only information we should expect, and that he believed that Evo Japan is “the future of gaming.”

With news like this, Tokyo Game Show is shaping up to be an event you do not want to miss.

Source: Ryan Harvey/Mark Julio

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