Rage Quitters Beware: Street Fighter V Now Bans Quitters for 24 Hours with a 1000 LP Penalty

By on August 17, 2016 at 1:00 pm

As mentioned in Capcom’s most recent announcement, Street Fighter V was expected to implement a new system to deal with rage quitters as part of yesterday’s server maintenance. According to reports from the both r/StreetFighter and r/Kappa subreddits, the new anti-rage quit system is indeed now active: specifically, anyone who leaves a match 3 times within 2 hours will get hit with a 24-hour ban as well as a deduction of 1,000 League Points.

This is a welcome addition to a game that’s been sorely needing this since launch. That said, this doesn’t seem to have been implemented without any hitches; there have been some players who claimed to have been banned after being rage quit upon, not rage quitting themselves. Capcom’s Neidel “haunts” Crisan has addressed this on reddit, stating that players who remain connected to the matchmaking server after a disconnect shouldn’t be marked as having rage quit. However, he further clarified that he is on the look out for any footage that shows otherwise, and that he’ll forward any that is found to their team.

Source: r/StreetFighterr/Kappahaunts (reddit)

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