Make Your Qanba Drone a World-Class Stick with This Sanwa JLF Mod Tutorial

By on August 16, 2016 at 6:00 pm

Qanba has made a huge mark in the community over the past few years, regularly offering new and interesting joystick options. Really being put on the map with their RAF 3-in-1 5 years ago, the company continues to innovate: their budget stick, the Qanba Drone, is no exception–and at around $75, is becoming increasingly popular for people that want a low-cost travel stick.

However, as with the majority of lower-priced sticks, the Qanba Drone suffers from issues with the parts installed in the stock design. The Phantomnaut from IPlayWinner took special note to point out issues with their stock Qanba lever, and has now went on to create a tutorial as to how to mod the Drone with an aftermarket Sanwa Denshi JLF–the most popular lever on the planet, as well as the stock lever on the majority of higher-end sticks.

In the video, The Phantomnaut describes two separate ways on how to easily swap the stock lever on the Qanba drone. The first being to use only the Omron microswitches from the JLF, and allows you to use the stock quick disconnect tabs used in the Drone to connect to the stock Qanba lever. This method, however, can result in unwanted inputs.

The second method uses the the entire JLF, including the circuit board, but requires soldering a 5-pin jumper (used to connect directly to the JLF) to the main circuit board inside the Drone. While this method is more difficult and may daunt newcomers to modifying their joysticks, it does allow for the proper range of motion and less unwanted inputs than the former method.

In both cases however, it’s noted in the video and should be further stressed that should you open your Qanba Drone to do this or any other modification, it will void the Qanba’s 90 day warranty. If you’re outside of that time frame–or are simply not concerned about that warranty–and want quality controls out of your budget stick, then feel free to watch and follow along with the video tutorial.

Source: IPlayWinner

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