PQube Announces EU Qualifiers for the Arc Revolution Cup 2016

By on August 10, 2016 at 2:00 pm
Arc Revo Cup 2016

In a collaboration with Rice Digital and Nth Gen Interactive, PQube will be hosting a 128-player tournament for Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR- in London to determine who will be one of Europe’s representatives for the Arc Revolution Cup in Japan later this year. This tournament will be held at the Rocket Complex within London Metropolitan University on the 17th of September, with the winner receiving an all-expenses paid trip to Japan to compete in the Cup Finals.

You can pre-register on the official Guilty Gear website, with payment being taken on the day. Entry costs £20.00 and entrants must be 18 or over, with some form of photo ID required to enter the tournament–if you don’t bring ID, you’re at risk of being disqualified. Also note that Japanese players cannot enter this event, as there will be qualifiers in Japan where they can earn their spot in the Arc Revolution Cup. European players can breathe a sigh of relief that no Japanese players will swoop in to take the spot from under their noses.

As well as this London qualifier, PQube has teamed up with GamingLive and PlayStation Plus League to hold a separate 16-player invitational tournament in Paris a week after the EU Qualifier. Hosted by Ken Bogard and Asenka, this special invitational will be held at the GamingLive Arena, with 12 of the entrants being specially selected by a panel from PQube. The remaining four entrants have to qualify, with two coming via the Guilty Gear Xrd PlayStation Plus League and the other two arriving via the Guilty Gear Xrd tournament at Les Veaux Bordelais 5. This tournament’s winner also will qualify for the Arc Revolution Cup, so Europeans have two chances to get themselves to Japan to take home the silverware.

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