VSFighting 2016 Results

By on August 7, 2016 at 3:56 am
VSFighting 2016

This weekend, Electronic Dojo presents to you one of the United Kingdom’s largest fighting game events, VSFighting 2016. Like last year, VSFighting is part of the Capcom Pro Tour as a ranking tournament, giving players of the UK a chance to score ranking points and possibly qualify for the Europe regional finals later this year. Other titles in this year’s line-up include Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR-, Killer Instinct, Mortal Kombat XL, Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Tekken Tag Tournament 2.

A few players from the US will be making their presence known at this year’s VSFighting, together with some of Europe’s best. Players attending include EG|K-Brad, EVB|Chris Tatarian, brenttiscool, RB|Luffy, Valmaster, PXP|Problem X, FA|Ryan Hart, UM|imstilldadaddy, PRLS|Packz, PRLS|Afii, GXC|Damascus, HCL|Pro Fluke, PXP|A F0xy Grampa, Jupe, PND|Ketchup, PND|Mustard and many more.

Two streams will be bringing you the action from Birmingham. Check them out below and follow the brackets on Challonge.


Watch live video from ElectronicDojo on www.twitch.tv


Watch live video from VSFighting on www.twitch.tv


All times in BST (UTC +1).




Street Fighter V

1. AWS|CCL (Chun-Li)
2. EVB|Chris Tatarian (Ken)
3. AWS|Akainu (Nash)
4. Ryan Hart (Ken)
5. PRLS|Afii (Laura)
5. brenttiscool (Ken)
7. PRLS|Packz (Karin)
7. UM|imstilldadaddy (Guile)

9. MBA|Afzal (Necalli)
9. UM|Tyrant (M. Bison)
9. PXP|Problem X (Alex, Zangief)
9. Real Menace (Chun-Li)
13.. MoMi (Nash)
13. MCP|JuniorLeo (Ken)
13. RSZ|AkramVVVV (Laura)
13. RB|Luffy (R. Mika)

Match Log
Grand Final

AWS|CCL (Chun-Li) vs. EVB|Chris Tatarian (Ken) – 2-3 Reset
AWS|CCL (Chun-Li) vs. EVB|Chris Tatarian (Ken) – 3-1

Losers Final

AWS|Akainu (Nash) vs. EVB|Chris Tatarian (Ken) – 1-3

Winners Final

AWS|CCL (Chun-Li) vs. EVB|Chris Tatarian (Ken) – 3-2

Losers Semi-final

AWS|Akainu (Nash) vs. Ryan Hart (Ken) – 3-0

Top 8 Winners

Afii (Laura) vs. EVB|Chris Tatarian (Ken) – 0-3
AWS|CCL (Chun-Li) vs. brenttiscool (Ken) – 3-0

Top 8 Losers

AWS|Akainu (Nash) vs. PRLS|Packz (Karin) – 3-0
Ryan Hart (Ken) vs. UM|imstilldadaddy (Guile) – 3-1

PRLS|Afii (Laura) vs. AWS|Akainu (Nash) – 1-3
Ryan Hart (Ken) vs. brenttiscool (Ken) 3-1

Top 16 Winners

Real Menace (Chun-Li) vs. EVB|Chris Tatarian (Ken) – 0-2
PXP|Problem X (Zangief) vs. PRLS|Afii (Laura) – 0-2
AWS|CCL (Chun-Li) vs. PRLS|Packz (Karin) – 2-0
MBA|Afzal (Necalli) vs. brenttiscool (Ken) – 0-2

Top 16 Losers

AWS|Akainu (Nash) vs. MoMi (Nash) – 2-1
MCP|JuniorLeo (Ken) vs. UM|Tyrant (M. Bison) – 1-2
RSZ|AkramVVVV (Laura) vs. UM|imstilldadaddy (Guile) – 0-2
Ryan Hart (Ken) vs. RB|Luffy (R. Mika) – 2-0

MBA|Afzal (Necalli) vs. AWS|Akainu (Nash) – 0-2
PRLS|Packz (Karin) vs. UM|Tyrant (M. Bison) – 2-0
PXP|Problem X (Alex) vs. UM|imstilldadaddy (Guile) – 0-2
Real Menace (Chun-Li) vs. Ryan Hart (Ken) – 0-2


Mortal Kombat XL

1. PXP|A F0xy Grampa (Piercing Mileena)
2. Jupe (Cutthroat Kano)
3. PND|Ketchup (Sektor Triborg)
4. ED.CPG|xZoro (War God Kotal Kahn)
5. PND|Mustard (Cyrax Triborg)
5. cR|Xarakamaka (Dragon’s Fire Liu Kang, A-List Johnny Cage)
7. ED|SonicNinja
7. Irishmantis

Match Log
Grand Final

PXP|A F0xy Grampa (Piercing Mileena) vs. Jupe (Cutthroat Kano) – 3-1

Losers Final

PND|Ketchup (Sektor Triborg) vs. Jupe (Cutthroat Kano) – 2-3

Winners Final

PXP|A F0xy Grampa (Piercing Mileena) vs. Jupe (Cutthroat Kano) – 3-0

Losers Semi-final

PND|Ketchup (Sektor Triborg) vs. ED.CPG|xZoro (War God Kotal Kahn) – 3-1

Top 8 Winners

PXP|A F0xy Grampa vs. PND|Mustard
Jupe vs. PND|Ketchup

Top 8 Losers

ED.CPG|xZoro vs. ED|SonicNinja
cR|Xarakamaka vs. Irishmantis

PND|Mustard (Cyrax Triborg) vs. ED.CPG|xZoro (War God Kotal Kahn) – 0-3
PND|Ketchup (Sektor Triborg) vs. cR|Xarakamaka (Dragon’s Fire Liu Kang, A-List Johnny Cage) – 3-1


Killer Instinct

1. TG|CoopStar (Jago, Shadow Jago, Gargos)
2. Valoraxe (Cinder, Tusk, Thunder)
3. ShadowCageNinja (Cinder)
4. CVE|SM4SH KING (Fulgore, Shadow Jago)
5. UM|imstilldadaddy (Sabrewulf)
5. MBA|Banemobius (Spinal, Eyedol)
7. RH|Deaconhyral (Hisako)
7. PND|Ketchup (Riptor)

Match Log

Grand Final

TG|CoopStar (Shadow Jago, Gargos) vs. Valoraxe (Cinder, Tusk) – 3-2

Losers Final

ShadowCageNinja (Cinder) vs. Valoraxe (Thunder, Tusk, Cinder) – 2-3

Winners Final

ShadowCageNinja (Cinder) vs. TG|CoopStar (Jago) – 2-3

Losers Semi-final

Valoraxe (Cinder) vs. CVE|SM4SH KING (Shadow Jago, Fulgore) – 3-2

Top 8 Winners

UM|imstilldadaddy (Sabrewulf) vs. ShadowCageNinja (Cinder) – 1-3
TG|CoopStar (Jago, Eyedol) vs. CVE|SM4SH KING (Shadow Jago, Fulgore) – 3-1

Top 8 Losers

Valoraxe (Cinder) vs. RH|Deaconhyral (Hisako) – 3-0
PND|Ketchup (Riptor) vs. MBA|Banemobius (Spinal) – 1-3

Valoraxe (Cinder) vs. UM|imstilldadaddy (Sabrewulf) – 3-0
MBA|Banemobius (Spinal, Eyedol) vs. CVE|SM4SH KING (Fulgore) – 1-3


Tekken Tag Tournament 2

1. Real Menace (Devil Jin/Bob, Eddy/Lars)
2. MBA|RooKang (Bob/Roger Jr., Bob/Jinpachi)
3. SSTV|KingJae (Bruce/Bob, Bob/Ganryu, Armor King/Marduk)
4. Haroun (Hwoarang/Anna)

Match Log

Grand Final

MBA|RooKang (Bob/Roger Jr.) vs. Real Menace (Devil Jin/Bob) – 2-3

Losers Final

MBA|RooKang (Bob/Roger Jr.) vs. SSTSV|KingJae (Armor King/Marduk, Ganryu/Bob) – 3-0

Winners Final

MBA|RooKang (Bob/Roger Jr., Bob/Jinpachi) vs. Real Menace (Eddy/Lars, Devil Jin/Bob) – 2-3

Losers Semi-final

SSTV|KingJae (Bruce/Bob, Bob/Ganryu) vs. Haroun (Hwoarang/Anna) – 3-2