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The next stop on the North American Capcom Pro Tour will be New York’s Defend the North. Things will kick off on Friday, July 29 with team tournaments and special exhibitions including Battle of the Boroughs, a special 5-on-5 Street Fighter V team tournament. Now in its third year, Defend the North will host official tournaments for 10 different games over the course of the weekend.

Defend the North is the East Coast’s first CPT ranking event of the season and will feature much of New York’s top talent, such as Evo Finalist L.I. Joe, F3| Alucard, OG| Shine and PIE| Smug. They’ll do their best to protect their home turf against a list of confirmed attendees that includes Fox| Julio, EG| KBrad, EG| Ricki Ortiz, Liquid| KnuckleDu, RB| Snake Eyes, Ronin| Alex Myers and NYChrisG, who returns New York from Southern California.

As a North American Ranking Event, the winner of Street Fighter V at Defend the North will qualify for the 16-player Regional Finals and earn a free trip to the event later this year.


Team Queens has earned the title “Kings of the North,” needing just 3 team members on Day 2 to win the 5v5 Battle of the Boroughs exhibition. Organized by Dwayne “D’Nyce” Buchanan and sponsored by Sennheiser, the winning team in the single elimination bracket took home $1,000.


The event was streamed by TeamSp00ky  and you can find the bracket here. Due to complications two of the original teams were replaced by out of state representatives from Michigan and the Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia area. Here are the final team lineups (captains in bold):

  • Team Long Island: L.I. Joe, Marvisto, Moons, OG Shine and F3| Alucard
  • Team Bronx: Coach Steve, Dieminion, Kreymore, Lionhart, EMP Hiro
  • Team Queens: TS| Sabin, PIE Smug, NL DaFeetLee, Jav1ts, BS Dang
  • Team New Jersey: Shakugan, EMP KDZ, NS Raoh, HD Cloud, RNV
  • Team Manhattan: IFC Yipes, PG RayRay, MikeInfinite, Frankie3s, PAG Glitch
  • Team Michigan: W.Beast, S.Leonil, F.Hollow, Marsh, RiseUp
  • Team DMV: Ludthinks, OG Yawn, Salyer, HXNinja, C.Blood
  • Team Upstate: Forte, BigHomieC, X, RedwolfX, PRC
Match Log
Round 1
Team Long Island vs Team DMV – 4-5
Team Queens vs Team Michigan – 5-4
Team Jersey vs Team Bronx – 3-5
Team Upstate vs Team Manhattan – 0-5

Round 2
Team DMV vs Team Queens  – 3-5
Team Bronx vs Team Manhattan – 5-3

Team Queens vs Team Bronx – 5-3

In other exhibitions, former New York resident ChrisG played “new” New Yorker F3| Alucard in a first to seven Street Fighter V match on Saturday night.

NYChrisG vs. F3| Alucard – 3-7 ○●●●●●●○○●

PAG| Pink Diamond faced off against PIE| Daffy in a first to five Killer Instinct exhibition as well. Pink Diamond has built a reputation as one of the country’s strongest Killer Instinct players, earning Top 8 finishes at Winter Brawl, Combo Breaker and CEO this year. Defend the North will also serve as a qualifier for the Killer Instinct World Cup.

PAG| Pink Diamond vs. PIE| Daffy– 5-1 ○○○●○○


Street Fighter V

1. EG| Ricki Ortiz
2. Liquid| NuckleDu
3. EG| K-Brad
4. EchoFox| Julio Fuentes
5. F3| Alucard
5. Naviant| Flash
7. Sabin
7. D-Rezz
9. Ludovic
9. ShinPhoenix
9. Ronin| Alex Myers
9. DTN| Smug
13. Dieminion
13. L.I. Joe
13. IFC Yipes
13. GoldenCen

Mortal Kombat X

1. Circa| Destroyer
2. KevoDaMaN
3. TGS| Zappa
4. RM| Cossner
5. MC|Akromaniac27
5. RM|Grr
7. EXILE| SylverRye
7. xxDark
9. LegendaryPrince
9. cR Footwurk
9. Applesauce
9. RM Cossner
13. Circa Voyager
13. PAG Otacon
13. BK Clam
13. Derick

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3

Top 8 Winners

1. NYChrisG
2. EG| K-Brad
3. PG| RayRay
4. KPB| Punisher
5. KPB| Scamby
5. DCB| Chris D
7. Escalante
7. Flare
9. PAG DragonGod
9. PAG Crazy Joe
9. Rambam
9. Hentai
13. NSM Smash Ketchum
13. Sean Aquino
13. StDx Blitzman
13. Randomfiend

Guilty Gear Xrd: Revelator

1. PAG| LostSoul
2. True Shine
3. TA| Marvisto
4. BFGC| NooneMan
5. GreatFernMan
5. PAG| OneTrueNicomaki
7. DreadedRuffian
7. Leonil
9. KPB Madness
9. DaiAndOh
9. Alex Smith
9. Zenku
13. Cato
13. UE| Hades
13. Frozone
13. Hentai

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

1. G5| Dugan
2. Ho3K| John Numbers
3. Ho3K| Dill
4. cR| Dekillsage
5. DA| Sinji
5. ADHD|
7. JTails
7. DMG James
9. Mutiny Apple
9. Lax
9. ESE Oatmeal
9. Ho3K Deven3000
13. WindsReq
13. InC Otacon
13. Ho3K HelpR
13. Blue

Killer Instinct

1. UA| Bass
2. ShinTristan
3. Circa|Nicky
4. Mutiny| Grief
5. PAG| Pink Diamond
5. PIE| Daffy
7. Cupcake NS
7. UA| Daymein
9. Cursingleenex
9. Disstressfuls
9. JayKid
9. Fluttershy
13. JChaos21
13. FrankTheHuman
13. Brandon Alexander
13. YoungFox

Pokken Tournament


1. Circa| Suicune Master
2. FS Bosshog
3. Circa| Cat Fight
4. Madluk
5. EMP| NinjaLink
5. Zenkuri
7. Burnside
7. Mins
9. Oreo
9. Ranmyaku Jouten
9. RM| Cloud
9. Rokso
13. ReyDeEmpire
13. Shippo
13. Son_Dula
13. TO| Tokamiwind

Ultra Street Fighter 4

1. DTN| Smug
2. NYChrisG
3. Autodemon
4. Mutiny Sanford Kelly
5. Liquid NuckleDu
5. EG K-Brad
7. PAG DragonGod
7. EMP Hiro

Tournament Schedule/Brackets

Saturday will serve as the main event, with the player pools for each game working down to their finalists. Pokken Tournament will finish on Saturday, while Top 8 for the other titles, and Top 16 for Street Fighter V, will be held on Sunday. Be sure to check the full schedule for the weekend below, as some times may conflict:

DTN Schedule

Brackets are being handled through and will be updated as the tournament progresses.


The tournament will be spread across three streams, with the House of Chaos streaming the Underground Fight Club:

Team Sp00ky

Watch live video from TeamSp00ky on


Watch live video from KPBLive on

House of 3,000

Watch live video from HouseOf3000 on

House of Chaos

Watch live video from Bum1six3 on

Source: Defend the North, Andy “CitiofBrass” Dumornay

Kevin Webb is a player, writer and tournament organizer based in New York. When’s he’s not working on his set play or out at an event, you can catch him streaming on Twitch, tweeting about comics or throwing games of Dota 2.