Travis “Samox” Beauchamp Unveils a Big Format Change to Upcoming Super Smash Bros. Melee Documentary “Metagame”

By on July 30, 2016 at 2:00 pm
Super Smash Bros Metagame

In quite a drastic change of plan, “The Smash Brothers” director Travis “Samox” Beauchamp has announced that the sequel, titled “Metagame,” will now take the form of an episodic series rather than a feature film. Metagame was initially scheduled for winter of this year, but thanks to the substantial nature of this change, the series will now be released in early 2017.

This change in style does give Samox greater freedom to really dig into side stories and tangents alongside the documentary’s main narrative arc, as he is no longer limited to the usual 2-hour run time of a feature film. As such, expect lengthy 40 to 50 minute episodes within this series, similar to the original The Smash Brothers documentary.

Samox will be hosting a panel at Super Smash Con to talk about the production process of the original documentary, answering any questions about the current series, and showing off another glimpse of Metagame. He will also be filming at Super Smash Con–focusing on capturing footage on the younger generation enjoying Smash, to juxtapose against serious tournament play. If you are a younger Super Smash Con attendee–or know a friend or relative who is–and want to be part of the film, get in touch with Samox via Twitter or email to register your interest.

Source: EastPointPictures

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