Special Costumes Designed by Legendary Artist Akiman Coming to Street Fighter V

By on July 21, 2016 at 11:05 pm

Throughout the years, a number of talented artists cut their teeth working at Capcom, creating art for games such as Street Fighter.  One of these is none other Akiman, known as Akira Yasuda in real life, Akiman did the art for a number of classic Capcom titles in the 90s before leaving in 2003.  Since then, Akiman has gone on to work in animated productions such as ∀ Gundam, Code Geass, and Gundam Reconguista in G.

Now, Akiman is once again doing art for Street Fighter. At the San Diego Comic-Con, Capcom’s Yoshinori Ono announced a special line of alternate costumes designed by Akiman for Street Fighter V.  Alongside the announcement, Ono tweeted a sample of the design for Chun-Li’s costume from Akiman himself.


Specific details about these costumes however, such as pricing, whether or not they can be purchased with Fight Money, and who else will be getting them aside from Chun-Li are as of yet unknown.

With this in mind, be sure to stay locked on to Shoryuken for more updates on this and other things from the San Diego Comic-Con.

Source: Yoshinori Ono

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