Take an Early Look at Street Fighter V’s Juri and Urien: Story Mode and Premium Costumes, Critical Arts and More

By on June 30, 2016 at 6:48 pm
Juri Alt Costume

As these things tend to go, on the very eve of Juri and Urien’s release–well, it’s more of a soft release, really–enterprising Street Fighter V fans have found the means necessary to capture footage of the fighters in motion.

This footage, which you can find below, comes in the form of a few different videos. The first is a brief clip showcasing Urien’s Critical Art.

The second is much more in-depth, offering a look at everything Juri has to offer when it comes to doling out damage.

And, finally, this last bit of footage shows the second and third set of duds both of these upcoming combatants will wear to battle.

Do note that these characters are likely not appearing in their final, balanced state. It’s also likely that they’ll both receive revamps–potentially sweeping–before they officially make their way on to the non-Story-Mode roster later this year. Street Fighter V’s Cinematic Story Mode, which allows players limited access to both Juri and Urien, will be available tomorrow, July 1.

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