Slaves to Psycho Power: Shadaloo’s Dolls Featured in CFN Portal’s Street Fighter V Profile Art

By on June 30, 2016 at 11:59 am

Captured, brainwashed, infused with M. Bison’s terrible Psycho Power: the Dolls have usually been shown in previous Street Fighter media as mindless and robotic, mere slaves to fight for Shadaloo at Bison’s command. However, for Street Fighter V, the Shadaloo Activity Report portrays the Dolls as having much more individuality and vibrancy. The Japanese CFN Portal site features new art and descriptions of these ferocious female fighters, each named for the month of their birth.

Enero is their polite (but easily angered) leader, a communications specialist–meaning she gets the megaphone; Février is a brash gun-nut.

Enero; Février

Reconnaissance is shy März’s department; Aprile is the Dolls’ medic and a former gymnast.

März; Aprile

Satsuki is an expert sword-fighter, and has clashed with Cammy before in UDON’s comics.


Juni and Juli are already well-known, popular from their appearance in Street Fighter Alpha 3.

Juni; Juli

Xiayu’s preferred weapon is the nunchaku.


Staff-weilding (but lazy) Jianyu is Xiayu’s sister; Santanu is a cheerful animal-lover, calm Noembelu’s uses hatchets as her weapons.

Jianyu;  Santamu; Noembelu

And of course there’s Decapre, Cammy’s dark reflection, wielding her vicious blades. Is she still hunting “Killer Bee”?


What Dolls remain in service to Shadaloo during the events of Street Fighter V? Hopefully the upcoming Cinematic Story Mode will reveal their fates in more detail.


The CFN Portal site has also shown us members of the Kanzuki private ninja army, and zombie-themed SFV concept art.

Check out the original Japanese character profiles on CFN Portal’s Shadaloo Activity Report.

Source: CFN Portal Editor-in-Chief. Street Fighterin' since there was only a "II" in the title.