Uncertainty for Street Fighter V’s Future? Daigo Umehara Comments on Capcom Cup and Importance of Arcade Culture in Japan

By on June 23, 2016 at 1:30 pm

When Daigo Umehara–Red Bull partner, Twitch Global Brand Ambassador, one of the most well-known professional players in the FGC–speaks out about Street Fighter V or the Capcom Pro Tour, players tend to take notice. A number of interesting comments by Umehara, taken from his BeasTV channel, have been posted to Twitter by BeasTV producer Jiyuna.

Consistent with his attitude that he expressed previously, Umehara’s focus is less on winning specifically, but more on exploring his style and preparing for the upcoming Capcom Cup.

Umehara is apparently not feeling ready to compete at Evo 2016 yet. But surprisingly, in addition to this, he indicates uncertainty that Street Fighter V will remain the focus of the Capcom Pro Tour, or possibly tournament play in general, in years to come.

Significantly, Umehara reportedly feels the lack of an arcade version of Street Fighter V is holding back its acceptance by the Japanese FGC.

Jiyuna elaborates further on the arcade scene in Japan:

An interesting disparity between fighting games in Japan and much of the rest of the world; could Street Fighter V fail in Japan without this social connection? Time will tell if Umehara’s comments reflect more than his personal opinion.

Source: Jiyuna

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