AS|Reynald Takes On Mr. KOF in this King of Fighters XIV Footage from E3

By on June 15, 2016 at 10:59 am

As you may know, SNK and Atlus have brought The King of Fighters XIV to this year’s E3. As part of this, XSplit and Devolver Digital hosted the game on their indie game stream at the event.

In the video below, none other than former Evolution 2013 KOFXIII champion AS|Reynald takes on Mr. KOF in some exhibition matches. Along the way, XSplit’s Kevin “BurnoutFighter” Kim talks to commentators Abe and Will from Atlus about the new game, discussing things such as the game’s graphical style, pace, how players from other games can come into King of Fighters XIV, and more.

For those who missed the stream, Gato Ray has uploaded a replay of it onto his channel.

Source: Burnout Fighter via Gato ray

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