Check Out Two Hours of Street Fighter V’s Ibuki in the Hands of Top UK Players

By on June 1, 2016 at 7:59 pm
Ibuki Street Fighter V

Every Tuesday the cream of the crop from the UK Street Fighter scene meet at Capcom HQ to duke it out among themselves for the viewing pleasure of fans around the world. This Tuesday was no different, but this time they had the opportunity to get their hands on something new: Street Fighter V’s next DLC character, Ibuki.

In the footage below–nearly two and a half hours in total–Logan Sama and Capcom’s Matt Edwards break down what the character can do, and let some of Europe’s best Street Fighter 4 Ibuki mains, F-Word and Damascus, show off what she’s capable of in a succession of matches.

This is our first extended look at this iteration of Ibuki, and the session doesn’t disappoint. Not only are Ibuki’s abilities thoroughly explored for viewers, there are also plenty of entertaining matches to go along with the informative commentary.

Source: Capcom Fighters

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