Ibuki Brings Bombs, Kunai and Energy Blasts to Street Fighter V

By on May 30, 2016 at 9:10 am
Don-Chan Smoke Bomb

Late last night following the Combo Breaker top 8, we got our first look at Ibuki’s upcoming Street Fighter V incarnation. While the trailer does offer a good glimpse at the tools Ibuki will bring to the fight, it doesn’t tell us everything. With that in mind, Harrison took to the Capcom-Unity blog to fill everyone in on some more details regarding the nature of Ibuki’s tactics in the new game.

Anyone who spent some time facing off against her in the previous installment of the series is likely curious how Capcom translated the setplay monster over to the fifth game. The answer(s), at least at this point in time, seems to be bombs, kites, and way more kunai. Unlike Ibuki in previous titles, the Street Fighter V version can only stock five kunai at any given time before having to “quickly obtain another set,” though we’re not yet certain how she goes about doing so.

V-Skill: Tenrai

Ibuki V-Skill

Ibuki’s V-Skill, Tenrai, causes her to charge an energy blast which she channels through her palm. This blast range can be increased by holding the charge for a longer duration.

V-Trigger: Isshaku Horokudama

Ibuki V-Trigger

Ibuki’s V-Trigger causes her to toss a bomb on to the stage with a fuse timer that can be changed by holding different directions. The bomb has three default timer settings, but can apparently be triggered through other means–perhaps with a kunai, as hinted in the trailer–but there may be even more ways to shorten the fuse to keep opponents on their toes.

Critical Art: Kachofugetsu

Ibuki Critical Art

This is the move that closes out Ibuki’s trailer, and Harrison describes it as “the pinnacle of Ibuki’s ninjutsu training.” She opens with a strike to her opponent’s leg before taking them into the sky to blast them with a massive ball of energy.

If you watched the trailer, you certainly noticed that Capcom showcased Ibuki on a daytime variant of the Kanzuki Estate. This stage, aptly dubbed “Estate at Noon,” will be available for play in the near future.

Anyone who takes a look over Capcom’s post will likely notice that Ibuki doesn’t currently have a release date; we can confirm that she wasn’t surreptitiously added to the roster overnight either, and while it would be great to give her a shot before June rolls around, we’re definitely running out of time.

Harrison closes out the post promising that June is going to be an intense month for Street Fighter V players, thanks to the expanded story mode “and more surprises.”

Source: Capcom-Unity