Up Your Cammy Game in Street Fighter V with these Options

By on May 23, 2016 at 7:59 pm
Street Fighter V Cammy 750x400

If you play Cammy in the latest Street Fighter and find yourself wanting to rise up the online rankings–or bolster your performance in tournaments–you’re in luck, as we’ve recently received two handy tutorials focusing on strategies with the Killer Bee.

In the first, YouTuber Nyasha showcases multiple safejumps, tech chases, pressure options, and a deceptive 50/50 setup while also offering insights into dealing with a few character matchups.

Up next, Micah Lewis breaks down a number of different ways to follow a connected Spiral Arrow to make sure your opponent feels the pressure. These options are demonstrated against three-frame normals, so be sure to give them a try against opponents prone to jabbing on wakeup.

Source: Micah Lewis, Nyasha, with a tip from Tarick

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