Rivals of Aether Patch 0.14.0 Brings Ranked Mode, Tutorial Mode, More

By on May 23, 2016 at 5:59 pm
RoA new patch

Because Rivals of Aether is still in early access, the game sees frequent updates adding all manner of content ranging from new characters and stages to new modes and, of course, gameplay tweaks.

Earlier today, the game received a patch moving it from version 0.13.0 to version 0.14.0, and with the new version came a host of new features–everything from a Ranked Mode to characteristics of certain moves changing. Thankfully, Risuno of the Beefy Aether Doods is on hand in a new video to break down what’s changing and what’s new in this version of the platform fighter.

You can check out the video below, and continue on to see the full patch notes.

Rival of Aether ver.0.14.0 Patch Notes


  • Tutorial mode added – Learn about the mechanics of Rivals of Aether from your good friend Orby!
    Local Menu rearranged to better organize the different modes.
  • Rumble feature added for Xinput controllers. Rumble can be turned on/off on a per-profile bases in the custom controls menu.
  • Drift DI is now dependent on your horizontal speed in hitstun. When moving under 5 pixels per frame, you get the full effect of drift DI. When moving over 10 pixels per frame, you get 1/2 of the full effect. In between those two speeds is a linear gradient. This change increases the effectiveness of horizontal kill moves.
  • Added whiff landing lag to certain aerials, which means the move will not autocancel if it misses. This mechanic serves to make certain aerials very slightly more punishable on whiff (e.g. Forsburn Dair).
  • Increased the time of flinches caused by Jabs from 13 > 16 frames to ensure that more grounded Jabs into Tilts cannot be countered with a parry.
  • Crouch Canceling max knockback increased from 6 > 8.
  • Crouch Canceling Flinch Time reduced from 13 > 9.
  • Crouch Canceling is a stronger defensive option now for players to experiment with, particularly against projectiles which can be hard to parry during online matches.
  • Attack, Special, and Strong Buffers are cleared when leaving hitstun into tumble state, requiring players to time their Combo Breaker tool instead of mashing them. (example: Zetterburn Neutral Special)
  • Shockwaves now appear when you are hit with a move that would kill you with no DI or drift DI.
  • Previously, any move over a certain knockback value would create a shockwave.
  • The HUD now has visual feedback for player damage and deaths.
  • Bug Fix: Diagonal directional inputs are now processed the same in local and online modes. Up and down are now prioritized over left and right in online mode.
  • Bug Fix: Parrying an opponent’s Uspecial will no longer cause them to have weird momentum shifts. This mostly affects Wrastor and Maypul.


Zetterburn is still doing well but can struggle because of his limited movement options particularly in the air. We wanted to give players the ability to use Down Special in more interesting ways as well as make Neutral Special feel a bit smoother by lowering its hitpause making the jump cancel more reliable.

  • Aerial Dspecial now gives a forward and upward boost.
  • Nair landing lag 10 > 7.
  • Whiff landing lag added to Dair.
  • Uncharged Nspecial hitpause 7 > 3, making combos more fluid by allowing players to jump cancel it more consistently.
  • Charged Nspecial can be jump-cancelled again.
  • Charged Nspecial now has the same knockback as uncharged Nspecial. This is because charged
  • Neutral Special didn’t feel like an earned KO nor was it particularly fun to play against. Instead we are making it safe again but lowering its effectiveness at high percents.
  • Charged Nspecial damage 8 > 10 (weaker hit 6 > 8).
  • Nspecial charge time 40 > 35.
  • Whifflag on Ustrong 0 > 30 (normally 20 endlag).
  • Dair knockback scaling .5 > .65. This makes the spike more powerful than some of the others in the game giving Zetterburn a bit of off stage power to make up for the risk of being off stage.
  • Dair hitbox height 50 > 75 (reaches the same distance downward, but farther upward).
  • Uair sourspot hitbox resized and moved to match the animation better.
  • Uair sweetspot moved to be in the center of the animation.
  • Dspecial knockback scaling .65 > .55.
  • Dspecial landing hitbox centered and resized 130×70 > 120×60.
  • Bug Fix: Can no longer airdodge out of Uspecial after it was parried.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed hurtboxes for Uair, Ftilt, and Ustrong.


Orcane is best whale dog 2015 and 2016 now. Congrats to Orcane.

  • Whiff landing lag added to Bair and Uair.
  • Uspecial sweetspot base knockback 12 > 11, scaling 1.45 > 1.4. This is to slightly reduce its effectiveness as a parry punish.
  • Uspecial sourspot scaling 1.05 > 1.1. This is to make the regular hit a bit more potent.
  • Bubble butt hitbox width 30 > 20.
  • Bubble butt hitbox moved closer to Orcane’s body. These two are to reduce the disjoint of bubble butt as it is risky to throw yourself at opponents.
  • Bubble SDI effectiveness increased from 50% to 100%.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed hurtboxes for Ustrong, puddle Ustrong, puddle Fstrong, and puddle Fspecial.
  • Bug fix: Orcane puddle can now exist on a moving pillar.


For Wrastor, we are still trying to balance him out by removing reliance on Tornado and spreading out his KO potential elsewhere. We also wanted to make his Jump Canceled tilts more noticeable as many players were not even aware the mechanic existed.

  • Nair landing lag 16 > 8.
  • Whiff landing lag added to Fair, Bair, and Dair.
  • Nspecial SDI modifier x1 > x2.
  • Nspecial horizontal acceleration and speed reduced from .75x normal to .65x normal.
  • Nspecial Final hit knockback scaling reduced from .7 to .55.
  • Nspecial min time 42 > 40, max time 62 > 60.
  • Fspecial recovery 7 > 11.
  • Sourspot Fstrong base knockback 5 > 6.
  • Extended parry lag on strong attacks (extends parry lag to ~57 frames usually).
  • Dair hurtbox extended to reduce disjoint.
  • Prat land time 14 > 24.
  • Uspecial sweetspot scaling 1.1 > 1.25.
  • Bair knockback scaling .6 > .8, active frames 10 > 2 (turned into a sweetspot).
  • Second hitbox added to bair with the same knockback and active frames of the previous bair, but a smaller hitbox.
  • Wrastor can jump-cancel his tilts immediately after the last hitbox hits instead of only during the recovery frames (makes a 2-3 frame difference). This is because Wrastor has jump cancelled tilts as part of his design but they never felt impactful due to the late cancel opportunities. The recovery on each tilt was increased to balance out the risk of each.
  • Wrastor Ftilt Whiff Lag increased from 16 > 18.
  • Wrastor Dtilt Recovery increased from 12 > 14.
  • Wrastor Utilt Recovery increased from 12 > 14.
  • Wrastor Uair now has a center hitbox that deals 6 damage and knocks very slightly higher than the other hitboxes.
  • Bug Fix: Parrying Dspecial will no longer send him forward.
  • Bug Fix: Hitting with the last frame of Wrastor Dspecial will no longer cause him to fall to the ground instead of doing a backflip.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed hurtbox for Dstrong.


For Kragg, we wanted to address Pillar Spam even more as the move is still leaned on by many players particularly online. We have made it more risky for Kragg to use pillar on stage by increasing his landing lag after falling off a broken pillar. We also normalized the end lag for throwing rocks.

  • Fair autocancel frame 24 > 15 (autocancels right after the active frames).
  • Fair landing lag 10 > 9.
  • Dair endlag 10 > 16.
  • Whiff landing lag added to Fair and Dair.
  • Prat fall horizontal acceleration .85 > .5. Makes Kragg more easily punished when his pillar is broken.
  • Dstrong whiff lag 0 > 18 (normally 14 endlag).
  • Nthrow and Fthrow endlag 5 > 10.
  • Uthrow endlag 4 > 10.
  • Dthrow endlag 8 > 10.
  • Fstrong scaling 1.1 > 1.25.
  • Fstrong startup 22 > 24.
  • Rock’s horizontal momentum when deflected is now based on damage of the deflecting move.
  • Increased the range to pick up rock from 4px to 12px.
  • Wrastor’s slipstream goes behind rocks visually, increasing rock visibility when simple effects are turned on.
  • Added sound effect when rock is deflected.
  • New animation for Back Air to make it easier to see on backgrounds the same color as Kragg.
  • Pillar now has an offscreen indicator.
  • Prat Land time after falling off a broken pillar increased from 11 > 30. Remains 11 when landing after a pillarless Up Special.
  • Opponents can now tech on top of a pillar to avoid being put into Prat Fall during the tech frames.
  • Bug Fix: Removed Kragg’s ability to pull multiple rocks by himself (not the glitch that requires multiple Kraggs)


For Forsburn we wanted to add some counter play to the cookie cutter combo approach of only using smoke for Combust. Now opponents can knock smoke out of Forsburn with powerful attacks and Forsburn has to work a bit harder to get the smoke.

  • Getting hit by a move with over 15 knockback will cause Forsburn to lose all smoke charges.
  • Uspecial upward leniency 96 > 50. Makes recovering from below the stage a bit more strict.
  • Nair landing lag 6 > 7.
  • Dair landing lag 7 > 8.
  • Dair spike angle 270 > 290.
  • Whiff landing lag added to Dair and Nair.
  • Dash attack base knockback 7 > 8.
  • Forsburn now gets smoke on inhale 5 frames later, meaning he can be interrupted more easily.
  • Whifflag on dstrong 0 > 30 (normally 20 endlag).
  • Directional input for Fspecial is read earlier in the attack, preventing accidental side swapping with the clone.
  • Fstrong hit 1 causes Kragg to lose more speed than before so that Forsburn isn’t punished for turning Kragg around when spaced properly.


For Maypul, we wanted to keep her a fast character with quick options but wanted to reduce reliance on Neutral Air by giving it some whiff lag and lowering the disjoint. We also wanted to lower the amount of guaranteed KOs that Maypul gets from wrapping opponents with Strong Attacks by pushing the percents up.

  • Dash Attack whiff lag 16 > 20.
  • Nair landing lag 16 > 9.
  • Nair autocancel frame 4 > 2.
  • Nair hurtbox extended.
  • Dair landing lag 5 > 7.
  • Bair hurtbox extended.
  • Base wrap frames 30 > 24, wrap scaling .2 > .14.
  • Whiff landing lag added to Nair and Dair.
  • Jab hit 2 base knockback 4 > 5.
  • Jab hit 2 whifflag 0 > 13.
  • Dtilt width 100 > 70 (reaches the same distance forward, but not as far back). This is to reduce her insane tech chasing ability.
  • Aerial dspecial goes into special fall. To make it more consistent with Forward Special and give it some counter play when used mid combo.
  • Plant attack active frames 3 > 1. Makes rolling to avoid the attack more consistent.
  • Walljump now goes slightly outward instead of straight up.
  • Uspecial Sling base increased from 4 > 6. Sling Time by distance increased slightly.
  • Bug Fix: Removed inconsistent forward burst on jab combo.
  • Bug Fix: If a wall is destroyed while Maypul is clinging onto it, she will automatically walljump.


For Absa, we wanted to tweak Forward tilt to give her a faster option on tap and the long whipe we know on hold. We also wanted to rework Down Special to make sure there was some risk to putting one on yourself since the reward is still pretty great.

  • Ftilt now differentiates between tap/hold inputs. Halfway through the startup of the move, if you are not holding the attack button anymore, Absa will do a quicker, minimum-range Ftilt. If you are holding the attack button, she will do the full-range version. Full-range Ftilt is the same speed as before.
  • Fair and Bair sweetspots moved to be centered on the sweetspot visual.
  • Fair and Bair sweetspot size increased by 2px.
  • Dair Sour Spot hitbox reduced in size.
  • Uair autocancel frame 28 > 20.
  • Whiff landing lag added to Uair.
  • Prat fall horizontal acceleration .5 > .4.
  • Uspecial aerial movement restricted for a few frames longer after Uspecial finishes (before going into prat fall).
  • Cloud kick hitboxes are now centered on the cloud instead of Absa’s foot.
  • Parrying another Absa’s Fspecial no longer makes the cloud yours, destroying your existing cloud.
  • Instead, it just destroys the Fspecial cloud. This fixes a bug that caused Absa to not go into parry stun when Fspecial was parried by another Absa.
  • Cloudless Dspecial now creates a cloud at Absa’s position and starts the normal Dspecial chain around it.
  • Holding Dspecial will charge the move. When fully charged, the chain lightning will follow Absa.
  • Bug Fix: Removed double jump to Nspecial super jump.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed hurtboxes for Nspecial and taunt.


For Etalus, we wanted to beef up the damage on some of his strong attacks and clean up some bugs and awkward interactions with Up Air and Neutral Special.

  • Whiff landing lag added to Fair, Bair, and Dair.
  • Weak hitbox added in the middle of Dstrong. Etalus can be punished for hitting with this hitbox.
  • Bair hitbox width 100 > 120 (reaches the same distance backward, but extends further forward).
  • Uair separated into two separate hits. This prevents Uair from trading so favorably with other moves. On a clean hit, the move functions identically to before.
  • Uair has a 45 frame cooldown on hit. This is to prevent linking up to 4 Uairs on an opponent frozen on a platform.
  • Dstrong strong hit base knockback 7 > 6.
  • Dstrong damage weak hit 4 > 6, strong hit 11 > 12.
  • Ustrong damage weak hit 2 > 3, strong hit 11 > 12.
  • Ustrong weak hit hitstun modifier 1 > 1.2.
  • Rolling opponents are no longer invincible when frozen.
  • Ice will not start melting if any Etalus is using Nspecial.
  • Can act slightly earlier out of Uspecial (min actionable speed -3 > -8).
  • Fstrong Ice Hitbox reduced from 120×120 to 100×80.
  • Dstrong Ice Hitbox reduced from 120×120 to 100×100.
  • Ustrong Ice Hitbox reduced from 120×120 to 100×100.
  • Parrying Fspecial now destroys the icicles instead of reflecting them
  • Etalus AI is no longer terrible at using his recovery options. He’s still no genius but at least he isn’t terrible.


  • Ranked Mode has been added! You can play to raise your Ranked Score and ascend the Ranked
  • Leaderboard. Your score is based on the Elo System where wins earn you points and losses subtract points. The better the competition, the more points you will earn.
  • There are two brackets for Ranked Mode matchmaking during early access. Players above 1200
  • Ranked Score and players below. We will assess if this is working based on the size of the community and scores that we see as time progresses.
  • There is now information given to you about an opponent before you accept a match in matchmaking. This includes the ping (connection indicator) as well as the self-appointed region of your opponent. After accepting a Ranked Match, you will earn a disconnect if you quit or disconnect before the set is complete.
  • Online Stats is a new category in the online menu that allows you to check out your position on the
  • Ranked Leaderboard or view your in-game stats for Local, Online or Ranked.

Source: Beefy Aether Doods, Rivals of Aether, image courtesy of Rivals of Aether

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