Check Out these Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike East vs. West Exhibition Replays from Saitama, Japan

By on May 20, 2016 at 2:59 pm
Street Fighter III Hugo 750x400

Earlier this month, Game Daytona ran a 20-player exhibition pitting two factions of Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike players against each other. The competition was fierce, and you can watch it right now, for free, on NicoNico–that is of course, assuming that you have at least a free account that you’re logged into.

There’s a wide character selection present in these replays: Alex, Remy, Necro, and more all make appearances. There are some impressive runs from Teppoudama’s Ryu and Dokura’s Yang, in particular. And, of course, no Japanese 3s event is complete without some insane YSB Hugo parries. Sit back and enjoy the high level action from across the waters!

The players representing each side are:


Funyosu, Talbain, Baru-nyan, Akagaeru, Hiroyuki, Atsugari, Heboryu, Ebara, Tamihe, Match, Mimora


Shibata, Teppoudama, 339, D5, HT, Y・S・B, Thanatos, Dokura, Tominaga

Source: Game Daytona

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