Thaiger Uppercut 2016 Results

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Thaiger uppercut

This weekend is Thaiger Uppercut 2016, the first of 14 qualifier events for Capcom Pro Tour Asia. The event will be taking place at Central World in Bangkok, Thailand. TGU is a Street Fighter V Capcom Pro Tour 2016 ranking tournament so you can expect to see many strong players like RZR Gackt, YOUDEAL MJS|Haitani, HM|Eita, Marn, Humanbomb, Gootecks, HM|Dogura, Itabashi Zangief, etc. attending to try and earn ranking points and qualify for the Asia regional finals.

Team Spooky will be providing the stream for the event this weekend. You can tune in on Team Spooky.

You can find the brackets for the event here.


Watch live video from TeamSp00ky on


Friday May 6 2016

Event ICT (local) PDT EDT JST Stream
SFV 3v3 Teams 2:00 PM 12:00 AM 03:00 AM 04:00 PM Beastapac

Saturday May 7 2016

Event ICT (local) PDT EDT JST Stream
SFV Pools 12:00 PM 10:00 PM (May 6) 01:00 AM 02:00 PM Team Spooky

Sunday May 8 2016

Event ICT (local) PDT EDT JST Stream
SFV Top 16 – Top 8 03:00 PM 01:00 AM 04:00 AM 05:00 PM Team Spooky
SFV Finals 05:30 PM 03:30 AM 06:30 AM 07:30 PM Team Spooky



Street Fighter V Singles

1. HM|Eita (Ken)
2. Saunic (Laura)
3. HM|GO1 (Chun Li)
4. RZR Gackt (Nash)
5. Gamerbee (Necalli)
5. Marn (R. Mika)
7. YOUDEAL MJS|Haitani (Necalli)
7. HM|Dogura (M. Bison)
9. DL Dearydeary (R. Mika)
9. TGU Aon Yoga Water (Dhalsim)
9. Apple_Rod (Chun Li)
9. Chriswong_HK (Nash)
13. TGU MindRPG (M. Bison)
13. ArtSasil (Alex)
13. BurnoutFighter (Dhalsim)
13. GambleBoxer (R. Mika)

Pool Qualifiers

Top 16 Winners

Pool 1: Saunic (Laura)
Pool 2: Chriswong_HK (Nash)
Pool 3: HM|Dogura (M. Bison)
Pool 4: RZR Gackt (Nash)
Pool 5: YOUDEAL MJS|Haitani (Necalli)
Pool 6: HM|GO1 (Chun Li)
Pool 7: DL Dearydeary (R. Mika)
Pool 8: HM|Eita (Ken)

Top 16 Losers

Pool 1: Gamerbee (Necalli)
Pool 2: TGU MindRPG (M. Bison)
Pool 3: ArtSasil (Alex)
Pool 4: TGU Aon Yoga Water (Dhalsim)
Pool 5: BurnoutFighter (Dhalsim)
Pool 6: Apple_Rod (Chun Li)
Pool 7: GambleBoxer (Vega)
Pool 8: Marn (R. Mika)

Match Log

Grand Finals

Saunic (L) (Laura) vs HM|Eita (L) (Ken) – 0-3

HM|Eita (Ken) resets the bracket

Saunic (W) (Laura) vs HM|Eita (L) (Ken) – 1-3

Losers Finals

HM|GO1 (Chun Li) vs HM|Eita (Ken) – 2-3

Winners Finals

HM|Eita (Ken) vs Saunic (Laura) – 1-3

Top 8

RZR Gackt (Nash) vs Saunic (Laura) – 1-3
HM|Eita (Ken) vs HM|GO1 (Chun Li) – 3-0
YOUDEAL MJS|Haitani (Necalli) vs Gamerbee (Necalli) – 1-3
Marn (R. Mika) vs HM|Dogura (M. Bison) – 3-2
RZR Gackt (Nash) vs Gamerbee (Necalli) – 3-2
Marn (R. Mika) vs HM|GO1 (Chun Li) – 0-3
HM|GO1 (Chun Li) vs RZR Gackt (Nash) – 3-0

Top 16

Chriswong_HK (Nash) vs Saunic (Laura) – 1-2
HM|Dogura (M. Bison) vs RZR Gackt (Nash) – 0-2
HM|GO1 (Chun Li) vs YOUDEAL MJS|Haitani – 2-0
HM|Eita (Ken) vs DL Dearydeary (R. Mika) – 2-0
Gamerbee (Necalli) vs TGU MindRPG (M. Bison) – 2-0
TGU Aon Yoga Water (Dhalsim) vs ArtSasil (Alex) – 2-1
BurnoutFighter (Dhalsim) vs Apple_Rod (Ken) – 0-2
GambleBoxer (Vega) vs Marn (R. Mika) – 0-2
DL Dearydeary (R. Mika) vs Gamerbee (Necalli) – 0-2
TGU Aon Yoga Water (Dhalsim) vs YOUDEAL MJS|Haitani (Necalli) – 0-2
HM|Dogura (M. Bison) vs Apple_Rod (Chun Li) – 2-0
Marn (R. Mika) vs Chriswong_HK (Nash) – 2-0

Notable Pool Matches

Saunic (Laura) vs Gamerbee (Necalli) – 2-0
Saunic (Laura) vs Oshinopepe (Nash) – 2-1
Chriswong_HK (Nash) vs TGU MindRPG (M. Bison) – 2-0
Saunic (Laura) vs Insanity (Birdie) – 2-0
Chriswong_HK (Nash) vs YBK Shiro (Nash) – 2-0
Insanity (Birdie) vs Gamerbee (Necalli) – 0-2
TGU MindRPG (M. Bison) vs YBK Shiro (Nash) – 2-0
KOK (Laura) vs RZR Gackt (Nash) – 0-2
TGU Aon Yoga Water (Dhalsim) vs Itabashi Zangief (Zangief) – 2-0
Humanbomb (Chun Li) vs HM|Dogura (M. Bison) – 0-2
RZR Gackt (Nash) vs TGU Aon Yoga Water (Dhalsim) – 2-0
Humanbomb (Chun Li) vs ArtSasil (Alex) – 0-2
TGU Aon Yoga Water (Dhalsim) vs Itabashi Zangief (Zangief) – 2-1
Toto_kosit (Nash) vs HM|GO1 (Chun Li) – 0-2
MF-TONPY (Chun Li) vs BurnoutFighter (Dhalsim/Ryu) – 2-0
YOUDEAL MJS|Haitani (Necalli) vs MF-TONPY (Chun Li) – 2-1
Toto_kosit (Nash) vs Apple_Rod (Chun Li) – 0-2
MF_TONPY (Chun Li) vs BurnoutFighter (Dhalsim) – 0-2
HZYHZY (Rashid) vs Gootecks (Ryu) – 1-2
GambleBoxer (Vega) vs YBK Santarou (Cammy) – 2-0
DL Dearydeary (R. Mika) vs Gootecks (Ryu) – 2-0
DL Dearydeary (R. Mika) vs GambleBoxer (Vega) – 2-1
DL Meenoi (Cammy) vs Remi_SK (R. Mika) – 0-2
HM|Eita (Ken) vs Remi_SK (R. Mika) – 2-0
YBK Santarou (Cammy) vs Gootecks (R. Mika) – 1-2
GambleBoxer (Vega) vs Gootecks (R. Mika/Ryu) – 2-0
DL Meenoi (Cammy) vs Marn (R. Mika) – 1-2
Remi_SDK (R. Mika) vs Marn (R. Mika) – 0-2

Street Fighter V 3v3 Teams

1. Hail Mary: HM|Dogura (M. Bison), HM|Eita (Ken), HM|GO1
2. Team TGU: TGU MindRPG (M. Bison), TGU Greenbyte (Birdie), TGU Aon Yoga Water (Dhalsim)
3. Team HK: Chriswong_HK (Nash), Humanbomb (Chun Li), Remi_SK (R. Mika)

Match Log

Grand Finals

Team Hail Mary (W) vs Team TGU (L)

TGU Greenbyte (Birdie) vs HM|GO1 (Chun Li)
TGU Aon Yoga Water (Dhalsim) vs HM|GO1 (Chun Li)
TGU MindRPG (M. Bison) vs HM|GO1 (Chun Li)

Losers Finals

Team TGU vs Team HK

TGU Greenbyte (Birdie) vs Chriswong_HK (Nash)
TGU MindRPG (M. Bison) vs Chriswong_HK (Nash)
TGU MindRPG (M. Bison) vs Humanbomb (Chun Li)
TGU MindRPG (M. Bison) vs Remi_SK (R. Mika)

Winners Finals

Team Hail Mary vs Team HK

HM|Dogura (M. Bison) vs Chriswong_HK (Nash)
HM|Eita (Ken) vs Chriswong_HK (Nash)
HM|Eita (Ken) vs Humanbomb (Chun Li)
HM|Eita (Ken) vs Remi_SK (R. Mika)

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