SNK Playmore Rebrands Itself Back into SNK

By on April 25, 2016 at 2:33 pm

Those who watched the King of Fighters XIV’s latest trailers, may have noticed something interesting in them. Instead of the logos of SNK Playmore we’ve been seeing for quite some time now, the trailers showed only the old SNK logo, dropping the “Playmore” bit.

It turns out there’s a reason for this: SNK Playmore has announced that they are officially¬†changing their corporate logo and will simply be known as “SNK” henceforth. In addition to this, they are bringing back the classic¬†“The Future Is Now” corporate tagline.

Founded by Eikichi Kawasaki back in 1978, the original SNK, short for Shin Nihon Kikaku (New Japan Project) was responsible for creating a number of beloved arcade and fighting franchises, many of which made their way into the King of Fighters, before eventually going bankrupt in 2001. SNK Playmore became a reality a couple of years after Kawasaki’s subsequent company, Playmore, acquired the rights to the original SNK intellectual properties.

The change of their corporate logo back to SNK, alongside their marketing efforts for King of Fighters XIV, seem to be symbolic gestures to generate goodwill among fans by showing that the spirit of the old company is still alive.

Source: SNK, thanks to Behemothbear for the tip.

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