Guile Sonic Booms His Way to Victory In Official Street Fighter V Reveal Trailer

By on April 19, 2016 at 9:24 am

We know that Guile and his multi-purpose theme are coming to Street Fighter V, but, aside from a glimpse at his Critical Art, we’ve yet to see him in action. Until now, that is. Earlier this morning, Capcom released his official reveal trailer.

Aside from things we already know, such as his crouch walk, his Sonic Blade V-Skill and Solid Puncher V-Trigger, the trailer also shows us some of his normals, most of which should seem familiar to Street Fighter veterans. Additionally it also shows off a few of the combos that he can pull off in the game.

Guile is coming to send you home to be family men in Street Fighter V sometime later this month.

Source: Street Fighter, thanks to CRG.T2J and Tony for the tip.

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