Capcom Offers a Closer Look at April Update, Guile’s Abilities

By on April 18, 2016 at 9:24 am

By now, you’ve certainly seen the round of Guile screenshots that leaked earlier this morning. Shortly after the internet became inundated with chatter about the upcoming character, Capcom dropped a ton of information surrounding him in the form of an official post over at Capcom-Unity.

As these posts tend to go, we learned a great deal about what Guile will be capable of in Street Fighter V, while also picking up some additional information regarding the upcoming April update. We’ve summarized the information below.

V-Skill: Sonic Blade


Guile channels his inner Boom to create a Sonic Blade, which is a projectile that stays in place on the stage and allows for pressure against downed opponents. This stationary projectile can also “juice up his Sonic Booms,” adding more durability to help out in a zoning war.

V-Trigger: Solid Puncher


Guile becomes capable of chucking constant Sonic Booms. This barrage of blasts can include Booms of many speeds, as each button releases a blast with different momentum. Under the right circumstances, these projectiles can be used to extend combos, or to keep opponents pinned to the corner.

We do not currently have details surrounding the animation associated with Guile’s V-Trigger activation, but we hope it involves him adjusting his shades, or equipping them if they’ve not yet found his nose.

Critical Art: Sonic Hurricane

It comes as little surprise that this projectile-laden kit also comes equipped with a projectile-based Critical Art. This massive Sonic Boom gains extra range and a damage boost while Guile is under the effects of his V-Trigger.

Air Force Base Stage


The first DLC stage to make its way to Street Fighter V will be Guile’s iconic battleground from Street Fighter II. This stage will be available in the in-game shop for 70,000 Fight Money, while Season Pass holders will receive the fight locale for free.

Additional Updates

But there’s more to this update than just a roster expansion and a flashy new stage on which to kick. Capcom was excited to announce the upcoming implementation of an enhanced anti-rage quit system as well. Players targeted for leaving too many matches early will be locked out of matchmaking for an undisclosed period of time, which will come alongside an in-game message notifying the player that they’ve been caught in the act. They plan to add more functionality to this system as time goes on.

And it just wouldn’t be an update to a modern fighting title without online play improvements. According to Capcom, these improvements will come in the form of easier Battle Lounge creation and connectivity, as well as looser restrictions when it comes to finding opponents to fight in the first place. This is specifically to help aid folks in “Europe and other parts of the world” who have experienced issues locating matches.

Source: Capcom-Unity, and thanks to Yaiba3869 who sent in some information regarding the rage quit system