Master Alex’s Frame Trap and Mixup Options in Street Fighter V

By on April 15, 2016 at 3:10 pm
Alex Taunt New York (and ken's foot)

Street Fighter V’s Alex may seem little more than a headband wearing powerhouse who struts into battle waving his big buttons and bigger damage around without a care in the world, but he’s also capable of taking a more calculated, devious approach to the match when his simpler tools just aren’t getting the job done.

To highlight the more technical side of this returning fighter, the folks at GamersGrid TV, with help from host Ricardo “Mono” Roman, take the time to explore some of Alex’s frame trap and mixup options in their latest Shadowloo Bootcamp segments.

If you’re looking for more Alex technology, perhaps even an intro to his basics, you can find a host of information on the GamersGrid TV YouTube channel.

Source: GamersGrid TV