The Jump-In Podcast Covers Alex, Recent Tournaments, and More

By on April 4, 2016 at 5:01 pm

The sixth episode of The Jump-In podcast starring hosts Kim1234, ShadyK and Logan Sama recently made its way to YouTube. In spite of being recorded before the proper release of Alex, the guys have plenty to talk about with regard not only to how he looks–let’s face it, his hair and posture are pretty suspect–but also how they anticipate his play style to work into the game as a whole. This works as an excellent segue into some insights about how trial periods for new characters may be a smart option for Capcom to offer moving forward, even once the in-game store and premium currency become available.

Of course, DLC characters aren’t the only topic up for discussion. The guys make sure to offer their opinions (praise) for NorCal Regionals’ infamous Death Pool as well. They wrap up the episode with an interesting look into how the prospect of gambling could impact the future of the fighting genre in the event that it becomes more widespread than simple on-site side betting.

It’s definitely an interesting ninety minutes, and if you’re looking to get the scoop on these and other recent fighting game community goings-on, be sure to check out the full episode below.

Source: The Jump-In