Street Fighter V Roundup – F.A.N.G Zoning Tips, Alex Combo Guide, and More

By on April 4, 2016 at 6:14 pm

We’re back after the first weekend with Alex, and we hope everyone had a blast landing V-Trigger parries and standing roundhouse crush counters–seriously, that’s a satisfying hit to connect. We’ve got more Alex videos for you today, as well as a smattering of other tech tidbits, so let’s get started!

If you’ve still not given Alex a go for yourself, you’re likely looking for a place to pick up some important, basic information to help get things going. We kick off today’s roundup with a video from pdcsky that fits just that description.

The perfect pairing for a basic breakdown of the new character is a long, slow look at the hitboxes and hurtboxes tied to everything the fighter brings to the table, which Overheat’s GameTime put together.

One thing we know for sure about Alex is he loves a good trade. To demonstrate yet another way for the new fighter to take advantage of this sort of situation, Sebastian Rikk offers up these follow-ups to lariat trades which converts into massive damage and stun output.

In the third part of the sixth episode of Shadowloo Bootcamp, which you’ll find next in the roundup, host Ricardo “Mono” Roman discusses how to go about properly zoning opponents with F.A.N.G.

As companion pieces to this video, Mono and the folks at GamersGrid TV have also been uploading some long match sets to help show the tactics demonstrated in the Shadowloo Bootcamp videos in action.

Of course, a roundup just wouldn’t be a roundup without a couple of combo videos. Today, neekogaming and Dark Chaotix offer up some practical combo exhibitions for F.A.N.G and Birdie, respectively.

We wrap things up today with some more gameplay footage from THE COOL KID93. We’ve already seen close looks at their take on Rashid and Zangief, and their ability to pick up Alex and just go with it looks to be impressive so far. If you’re interested in seeing some technology akin to what we’ve been featuring in these roundups in action, be sure to give the video a look.

What Street Fighter V tech did you discover over the weekend? Send your footage our way and it may make it into our next Street Fighter V community roundup!

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