Street Fighter V Roundup – Alex Setplay, Combos, and More

By on April 1, 2016 at 8:19 pm
Alex Taunt New York (and ken's foot)

Soon, players will be spending their first weekend with Street Fighter V’s newest addition, Alex. With all that potential time in the lab coming up, we’re here to help you make the most of it with this collection of Alex footage from around the community! Let’s jump right in!

DaFeetLee has had a couple of days to figure Alex out, and in that process, he has come up with loads of setplay options following a variety of the returning fighter’s tools. This video is quite long, clocking in at nearly ten minutes, and offers more than enough setup options to satisfy all of the setplay fiends out there.

Marlonlonmilk keeps things going with a lengthy–over seven minute–collection of Alex beating his opponents to a pulp. These combos and resets range from basic to advanced, so Alex players of all skill levels are certain to find something helpful.

With a little bit of meter and a successful forward throw, Alex can demolish the whole cast. If you’re considering pressing a button against him on wakeup, this video may make you reconsider.

If you’re looking to get started with Alex, the latest offering from Meno Jazz may be just what you’re looking for. This primer offers a look at how to apply the character’s tools in a variety of ways.

It wouldn’t be a new character without new option selects to abuse, and the folks at 4Dstreaming have that covered. As you’ll see in this clip, the demonstrated option select follows a neutral jump and allows its user to block, tech a throw or perform an Air Knee Smash depending on the situation at hand.

Alex stands to reap big benefits from trade situations. As you’re soon to see in this footage from 1PinkyFlamingo, Alex can convert a traded Flash Chop into hundreds of damage. For a quicker look at a similar situation, check out the following footage from Some Fresh Guys.

In the event that Alex lands a throw against a cornered opponent, he can choose to apply this meaty option from drekerrr to keep the pressure (and stun) high.

Dopples offers a slightly longer series of setups that can lead to a guaranteed round victory against most of the cast. This is the sort of thing that won’t work out as planned all that often–especially considering the jump-in involved–but when it does, it’ll be quite the sight to behold.

If you’re just looking to pick up some combo knowledge for Alex, we’ve got plenty of options from which to choose to round out today’s collection. Neekogaming, ElChakotay Andrich, ArT, and Berial Plays all sent in reels collecting some of the best ways for Alex to go about doling out damage.

If you find something crazy over the weekend, send it our way! It may wind up in our next Street Fighter V community roundup!

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