Street Fighter V’s Alex Goes to Work in Fanmade Trailer, Challenge Mode Footage

By on March 29, 2016 at 3:39 pm

It’s Alex Eve, and everyone is chomping at the bit to step into the ring with Street Fighter V’s upcoming roster addition. As things like this tend to go, some masters of file manipulation have already figured out how to harness the power of this french fry-haired warrior, and were kind enough to share some footage of their exploits, which we’ve gathered up for you below.

For at least a month (probably longer) Street Fighter V players have been certain the next major event, the next week, the next–I don’t know, maybe the next time that a white cat walks across their windowsill and blinks in their direction–would certainly herald the coming of Alex’s trailer. That trailer, sadly, never came.

But you know what? Tommy decided we don’t need an official gameplay trailer to hype us up for this newest champion, and they took matters into their own hands, compiling some early in-game glimpses at Alex to show off his tools.

Redwolfxx spent some time in a lobby against Dantarion’s Alex and uploaded about ten minutes of footage to show what they saw. For more of Dantarion’s Alex footage, check out yesterday’s small roundup.

The addition of Street Fighter V’s challenge mode has made picking up early combos easier than ever. While these aren’t likely the most optimal combos–Capcom’s challenge mode offerings rarely are–they do offer a look at some of what we can expect to see from folks when they start stringing blows together.

We wrap things up with this video from Shinich Z, showing Alex performing his own take on Evo Moment #37. I mean, it really wouldn’t be a day -1 roundup without some sort of reference to this event, right?

We’re sure to have plenty more Alex footage tomorrow once he makes his official debut, so be sure to check back. And remember to send in your findings, as they may end up being part of tomorrow’s Street Fighter V community roundup!

Sources: Tommy, Redwolfxx, Timzy921, Shinichi Z