Learn More About Killer Instinct’s Upcoming Shadow Lords Mode

By on March 29, 2016 at 12:23 pm

Killer Instinct Season 3 has officially launched, but this updated version of the game isn’t the only thing the folks at Iron Galaxy Studios have in store for players. In a new post on Ultra-Combo, the team discusses the upcoming Shadow Lords mode, which we saw teased in the launch trailer. In their words, Shadow Lords is “part ladder, part arcade mode, part story mode, and part roguelike, all rolled up into one unique experience.”

All of these elements combine to create a game mode where players recruit characters to use against Gargos before he takes over the world–pretty standard stuff, but how do roguelikes fit in? According to Iron Galaxy, Shadow Lords will include a crafting system, as well as items and elements which carry over through multiple runs. The exact nature of these items and effects remains unknown, but a comparison to the progression systems in Rogue Legacy or The Binding of Isaac may not be too far off.

We aren’t sure when Shadow Lords mode will be making its way to our Xbox Ones and PCs, but we do know it will be during Killer Instinct’s current season. For more information, you can follow the link below.

Source: Ultra-Combo