Street Fighter V’s Ver.1.02 Update is Live

By on March 28, 2016 at 3:29 pm

Although the Street Fighter V servers are still down for planned maintenance, players can get ready for the moment they go live by downloading the latest patch right now.

Weighing in at over 6 GB, this update reportedly adds Alex to the character select screen (he still won’t be playable until Wednesday, March 30) and other such assets, like his official theme.

After grabbing the update, players can also take part in the new challenge mode. For a taste of what awaits, Karin’s trials are put on display by Keoma in the video below.

We’re currently in the process of downloading the patch ourselves, so stay tuned for any other goodies we might stumble upon.

Sources: XMikexSonicX, Keoma, tip via Matthias S.