Fuudo, KichijojiKEN Face Off in Lengthy Street Fighter V Set

By on March 28, 2016 at 10:08 am
Ken CA

With NorCal Regionals wrapping up just last night, you may not yet be ready to sit down and watch long Street Fighter V sets, but in the event that you are, Flying High has you covered. In a recent upload, they feature a lengthy session–90 minutes long, to be exact–between Razer’s Fuudo and YUBIKEN’s KichijojiKEN.

While Fuudo isn’t quite as high-octane as Marn (few are), he’s still quite capable of making the most of Rainbow Mika’s monstrous mixup potential. Check out the matches to see if KichijojiKEN’s Ken can deal with the setups.

Want to see more action from players of a similar caliber? Flying High uploaded hours of footage last week as well, and you can find it here.

Source: Flying High